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Applied Research


The Roadmap: Examining the Impact of a Systematic Goal-Setting Program for Collegiate Women's Tennis Players

427 – 447
Zeljka Vidic, Damon Burton


The Relationship Among Athlete Leadership Behaviors and Cohesion in Team Sports

2010, 24, 448 – 467
Diana J.E. Vincer, Todd M. Loughead


Positive Emotions Are Not Simply the Absence of the Negative Ones: Development and Validation of the Emotional Recovery Questionnaire (EmRecQ)

468 – 488
Carolina Lundqvist, Goran Kentta


An Exploratory Investigation of NCAA Division-I Coaches' Support of Sport Psychology Consultants and Willingness to Seek Mental Training Services

489 – 503
Craig A. Wrisberg, Lauren A. Loberg, Duncan Simpson, Jenny Lind Withycombe, Ann Reed

Professional Practice


Aspiration, Inspiration, and Illustration: Initiating Debate on Reflective Practice Writing

504 – 520
Zoe Knowles, David Gilbourne


Exploring the Relationship Between Effective and Reflective Practice in Applied Sport Psychology

521 – 541
Brendan Cropley, Sheldon Hanton, Andy Miles, Ailsa G. Niven


Adaptation in Action: The Transition From Research to Intervention

542 – 557
Robert J. Schinke, Gershon Tenenbaum, Ronnie Lidor, Randy C. Battochio

Book and Resource Reviews


Overtraining Athletes: Personal Journeys in Sport

558 – 559
Carrie Cheadle


Essentials of Team Building: Principles and Practices

560 – 561
John Coumbe-Lilley

Bulletin Board


Bulletin Board

562 – 563
Stephen D. Mellalieu