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TSP Volume 30, Issue 2, June

Applied Research


Preparing to Take the Field: A Temporal Exploration of Stress, Emotion, and Coping in Elite Cricket

2016, 30, 101 – 112
Adam J. Miles, Rich Neil, Jamie Barker


The Effects of a Web-Based Alcohol Prevention Program on Social Norms, Expectancies, and Intentions to Prevent Harm among College Student-Athletes

2016, 30, 113 – 122
Melodie Fearnow-Kenney, David L. Wyrick, Jeffrey J. Milroy, Erin J. Reifsteck, Timothy Day, Samantha E. Kelly


Athlete Burnout and the Risk of Dropout Among Young Elite Handball Players

2016, 30, 123 – 130
Sandrine Isoard-Gautheur, Emma Guillet-Descas, Henrik Gustafsson


The Effect of Mindfulness Training on Attention and Performance in National-Level Swimmers: An Exploratory Investigation

2016, 30, 131 – 140
Nick Mardon, Hugh Richards, Amanda Martindale


The Deselection Process in Competitive Female Youth Sport

2016, 30, 141 – 153
Kacey C. Neely, John G.H. Dunn, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, Nicholas L. Holt


The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Athlete Leadership Development Program With Female Varsity Athletes

2016, 30, 154 – 166
Ashley M. Duguay, Todd M. Loughead, Krista J. Munroe-Chandler


Real-World Experiences of the Coaching Pathos: Orchestration of NCAA Division I Sport

2016, 30, 167 – 178
Tucker Readdy, Rebecca Zakrajsek, Johannes Raabe

Professional Practice


Proposed Intervention Strategies for Unsanctioned Aggression Management: Anger, Power and Thrill Aggression

2016, 30, 179 – 188
John H. Kerr, Pippa Grange


Goal-Directed Self-Talk Interventions:A Single-Case Study With an Elite Athlete

2016, 30, 189 – 194
Alexander T. Latinjak, Raquel Font-Lladó, Nikos Zourbanos, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis



Bulletin Board

2016, 30, 195 – 196