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TSP Volume 29, Issue 2, June

Applied Research


Cohesion and Performance for Female and Male Sport Teams

2015, 29, 97 – 109
Mark A. Eys, Jeannine Ohlert, M. Blair Evans, Svenja A. Wolf, Luc J. Martin, Michael Van Bussel, Charlotte Steins


To Focus or Not to Focus: Is Attention on the Core Components of Action Beneficial for Cycling Performance?

2015, 29, 110 – 119
Maurizio Bertollo, Selenia di Fronso, Edson Filho, Vito Lamberti, Patrizio Ripari, Victor Machado Reis, Silvia Comani, Laura Bortoli, Claudio Robazza


Stressors, Coping, and Support Mechanisms for Student Athletes Combining Elite Sport and Tertiary Education: Implications for Practice

2015, 29, 120 – 133
Suzanne Cosh, Phillip J. Tully


Understanding the Relationship Between Coaches’ Basic Psychological Needs and Identity Prominence and Their Commitment, Positive Affect, and Intentions to Persist

29, 134 – 142
Jacquelyn P. Pope, Craig Hall


Why Do Athletes Remain Committed to Sport After Severe Injury? An Examination of the Sport Commitment Model

2015, 29, 143 – 155
Melissa M. Inigo, Leslie Podlog, Morgan S. Hall

Book Review


My Work in Sport Psychology

2015, 29, 156 – 157

Professional Practice


Preparing for Performance: Strategies Adopted Across Performance Domains

2015, 29, 158 – 170
Stewart T. Cotterill


Do Titles Matter in Sport Psychology? Performer Attitudes Toward Professional Titles and the Effect of a Brief Intervention

2015, 29, 171 – 182
Toby Woolway, Chris Harwood


Sport Psychology Consultants’ Perceptions of Their Challenges at the London 2012 Olympic Games

2015, 29, 183 – 195
Peter Elsborg, Gregory M. Diment, Anne-Marie Elbe



Bulletin Board

2015, 29, 196 – 197