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News & Highlights

Congratulations to the 2023 JSEP
Reviewer of the Year & Paper of the Year Winners

""JSEP is pleased to announce the following awards from the past volume year. Reviewer of the Year: Johan Yau-yin Ng, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Paper of the Year: “Autonomy-Supportive Teaching Enhances Prosocial and Reduces Antisocial Behavior via Classroom Climate and Psychological Needs: A Multilevel Randomized Control Intervention” by Sung Hyeon Cheon, Johnmarshall Reeve, and Herbert W. Marsh. Click for details.

IJSC Special Issue Call for Papers
Politics, Sport, and Communication: A Global Review
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2025

""The intersection of sport, politics, and communication serves as a compelling arena for academic inquiry and societal reflection. IJSC invites researchers, scholars, and professionals to contribute their original research and insights to a special issue that explores the multifaceted relationships between sport, politics, and communication. Click for details.

Announcing the SMEJ
2023 Best Paper Award

""The 2023 winner is "“I Felt Like . . . They Left Me to Fend for Myself”: A Mixed-Method Examination of Sense of Belonging Among Minoritized Groups in Sport Academic Programs," by Yannick Kluch, Elizabeth A. Taylor, Raquel Wright-Mair, and Dakota Boring. Click to view the annoucement and read the winning paper.

Congratulations to the Inaugural
2023 PES Best Paper of the Year

""The 2023 winner is “Arterial Structure in 18-Year-Old Males Is Dependent on Physical Activity at 12 Years and Cumulative Cardiorespiratory Fitness From Puberty to Late Adolescence” by Juta Kraav, Reeli Tamme, Liina Remmel, Evelin Mäestu, Maksim Zagura, Jaak Jürimäe, and Vallo Tillmann. Click here to read the winning paper.

Introducing The Bill Kohl Peer Review Academy

""The Journal of Physical Activity & Health (JPAH) and the International Society for Physical Activity & Health (ISPAH) has created the Bill Kohl Peer Review Academy—a mentor-driven program designed to elevate the skills for scientific manuscript peer review among early career researchers. Bill Kohl was a co-founder of this Peer Review Academy, which launched after his passing. We recognize Bill’s passion for mentoring the next generation and the importance he placed on teaching peer review skills through the naming of the Academy in his honor. Click for details about benefits, criteria, and applying to the academy.

Congratulations to the 2023 APAQ
Reviewer of the Year & Paper of the Year Winners

""APAQ Editor Dr. Justin Haegele is pleased to announce the following awards from the past volume year. Reviewer of the Year: Emma V. Richardson. Paper of the Year: "Evidence-Informed Recommendations for Community-Based Organizations Developing Physical Activity Information Targeting Families of Children and Youth With Disabilities," by Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, Jennifer R. Tomasone, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Katerina Disimino, Victoria Larocca, Lauren Tristani, Kathleen Martin Ginis, Jennifer Leo, Leigh M. Vanderloo, Dave Sora, and Archie Allison. Click for details.

Congratulations to the JCSP
2023 Reviewer of the Year, Don Marks

""JCSP Editor Dr. Justine Reel is pleased to announce the 2023 Reviewer of the Year, Don Marks, Kean Univeristy, in recognition of his excellence as a reviewer.


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