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News & Highlights

Announcing the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education’s
2022 Outstanding Reviewer Award

JTPE is pleased to announce the 2022 Outstanding Reviewer Award to Dr. Dominique Banville in recognition of her excellence as a reviewer.

Congratulations to the 2022 Outstanding Reviewer:
Dr. Dominique Banville (George Mason University)
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Congratulations to the 2022 Metzler-Freeman Exemplary Paper Award Winner

"'Getting the Tip of the Pen on the Paper': How the Spectrum of Teaching Styles Narrows the Gap Between the Hope and the Happening" by Brendan SueSee, Shane Pill, Michael Davies, and John Williams.
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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2022 Diane Gill Paper of the Year!

"Effect of Aerobic Walking Exercise on Stress Urinary Incontinence in Postmenopausal Women," by  Asmaa M. Elbandrawy, Sara G. Mahmoud, Mohamed F. AboElinin, and Amel M. Yousef.
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SHR Call for Papers
Nature Sport and Environmental History:
Adulation or Alteration of Nature?
(Submit abstracts by April 1, 2023)

SHR invites abstract submissions outlining the intended topic within the scope of nature sport and environmental history.
Click for details.

The Menstrual Cycle, Physical Performance & Participation
(Abstract Submission Deadline: Apr. 21, 2023)

WSPAJ invites special series abstract proposals focusing on aspects of the menstrual cycle on sport, exercise, and physical activity performance and participation among athletes. Click to learn more.

JTPE Special Issue Call for Papers
Emergent, Novel, and Non-Traditional Qualitative Research Methods:
Beyond the Interview
(Submit abstracts by June 15, 2023)

JTPE invites abstract submissions presenting a “re-imagining” of qualitative research using uncommon research paradigms, rigorous approaches to data collection, and forms of data analysis that still construct important and useful information pertaining to teaching and learning in physical education and are informed by scholarship of qualitative methods.
Click for details.

Call for Papers: Beyond the Esports Horizon—Expanding the Realms of Sport and Exercise Psychology
(Submit by August 3, 2023)

CSSEP invites submissions that inform ethical and effective practice in the esports context including, but not limited to, sport psychology, social and youth development, retrospective reflections, esports coaching, and skill acquistion. Click to learn more.

JMPB Special Issue Call for Papers:
"Understanding Open-Source ActiGraph Counts"
(Submission Deadline: Sept. 8, 2023)

JMPB invites submission exploring the implication of an open-source method for generating ActiGraph counts from raw accelerometer data. Click to learn more.

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