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News & Highlights

Announcing Sport Management Education Journal's 2022 Best Paper Award

"Differences in Sport Management Doctoral Students’ Experiences With Gender Microaggressions and Stereotype Threat by Gender," by Sarah B. Williams, Elizabeth A. Taylor, T. Christopher Greenwell, and Brigitte M. Burpo.
Click to read the article for free.

Announcing the JSEP 2022 Awards
for Excellence in Research & Reviewing

Excellence in Reviewing Award:
Garcia Ashdown-Franks, Brunel University London

Excellence in Research Award:
Johannes Meyer, Frowin Fasold, Karsten Schul, Matthias Sonnenschein, and Stefanie Klatt for their paper “The Defender’s Vision—Gaze Behavior of One-on-One Defenders in Basketball” JSEP 44(2), April 2022 (Free Access).

View the American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group Webinar

JTPE editor-in-chief, Heather Erwin, and APAQ editor-in-chief, Justin Haegele, join a panel discussion of journal editors discussing recommendations for submitting to scholarly journal.

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JTPE Special Issue Call for Papers
Emergent, Novel, and Non-Traditional Qualitative Research Methods:
Beyond the Interview
(Submit abstracts by June 15, 2023)

JTPE invites abstract submissions presenting a “re-imagining” of qualitative research using uncommon research paradigms, rigorous approaches to data collection, and forms of data analysis that still construct important and useful information pertaining to teaching and learning in physical education and are informed by scholarship of qualitative methods.
Click for details.

Call for Papers: Beyond the Esports Horizon—Expanding the Realms of Sport and Exercise Psychology
(Submit by August 3, 2023)

CSSEP invites submissions that inform ethical and effective practice in the esports context including, but not limited to, sport psychology, social and youth development, retrospective reflections, esports coaching, and skill acquistion. Click to learn more.

JMPB Special Issue Call for Papers:
"Understanding Open-Source ActiGraph Counts"
(Submission Deadline: Sept. 8, 2023)

JMPB invites submission exploring the implication of an open-source method for generating ActiGraph counts from raw accelerometer data. Click to learn more.

SSJ Special Issue Call for Papers:
Sports and the Limits of the Binary: Trans and Nonbinary Athletes and Equity in Sport
(Submission Deadline: Jan. 15 2024)

SSJ invites submission interrogating the current sociopolitical moment on questions of gender inclusivity in sport (including physical activity, physical play, physical cultures, and other embodied practices) particularly relating to questions around sex/gender/sexuality binaries, colonial/racist legacies, and scientism. Click to learn more.

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