Pressure Distributions on the Plantar Surface of the Foot during the Javelin Throw

in Journal of Applied Biomechanics
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The aim of this study was to compare the plantar pressures and forces recorded from both feet of two groups of javelin throwers of different performance levels, in order to investigate differences between skill levels. The study was carried out using an EMED insole system on a Tartan javelin runway at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Most of the differences (at p < .01) between the two groups were found in the two foot contacts during the delivery stride. Higher maximum total forces (forces on the whole foot) and maximum pressures were recorded for the more skilled or club throwers during the right foot contact at the beginning of this stride. For the left foot landing before release, the club throwers exhibited higher overall maximum forces and overall pressures (the largest forces and pressures recorded on any of the different foot regions) than the novices. The differences between the groups in the medial forefoot region contributed significantly to this result.

Roger Bartlett and Caroline Jordan are with the Division of Sport Science, The Manchester Metropolitan University, Alsager, ST7 2HL, UK. Erich Müller, Christian Raschner, and Stefan Lindinger are with the Institut für Sportwissenschaften der Universität Salzburg, Akademiestrasse 26, A5020 Salzburg, Austria.