Student-Athlete Career Self-Efficacy: Workshop Development and Evaluation

in Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology
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  • 1 Springfield College
  • | 2 Monmouth University
  • | 3 University of the Rockies
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Although graduation rates for intercollegiate student-athletes in the United States have hit record highs in recent years, many student-athletes lag behind their nonathlete peers in terms of career readiness. The purpose of this research was to create and evaluate a theoretically grounded, evidence-based career development workshop for student-athletes. In Study 1, 28 college and university professionals reviewed the Career Self-Exploration for Student-Athletes Workshop Presenter’s Guide and online training videos. Workshop materials were revised based on feedback received. In Study 2, a national sample of 158 student-athletes participated in a controlled field trial. Results indicated that participating in the Career Self-Exploration for Student-Athletes Workshop enhanced student-athletes’ career self-efficacy relative to a control group. These findings suggest that the Career Self-Exploration for Student-Athletes Workshop, available online for free, can be used by campus professionals to enhance career development opportunities for student-athletes across geographic regions and resource availability levels.

Van Raalte, Brewer, and Petitpas are with the Dept. of Psychology, Springfield College, Springfield, MA. Andrews is with the Dept. of Health and Physical Education, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ. Cornelius is with the University of the Rockies, Denver, CO.

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