Metabolic Equivalents of Selected Sedentary and Physical Activities in Chinese Youth

in Journal of Physical Activity and Health


This study determined the metabolic equivalents (METs) of several activities typically performed by Chinese youth.


Thirty youth (12 years) performed 7 activities that reflected their daily activities while Energy Expenditure (EE) was measured in a metabolic chamber.


METs were calculated as activity EE divided by participant’s measured resting metabolic rate. A MET value ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 was obtained for sleeping, watching TV, playing computer games, reading and doing homework. Performing radio gymnastics had a MET value of 2.9. Jumping rope at low effort required 3.1 METs. Except for watching TV, METs for other activities in this study were lower than Youth Compendium values.


The results provide empirical evidence for more accurately assessing EE of activities commonly performed by Chinese youth. This is the first study to determine METs for radio gymnastics and jump rope in Chinese youth.

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Gao is with the Dept of Kinesiology, Boise State University. Sun is with the School of Physical Education and Exercise Science, University of South Florida. Zhuang (correspondence: is with the Dept of Kinesiology; Zhang is with the Dept of Applied Exercise Psychology; Zhu and Wang are with the Dept of Exercise Sciences; Shanghai University of Sport, China. Ransdell is with the College of Health Solutions, Arizona State University.