The Effect of Structured Exercise Classes and a Lifestyle Intervention on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Primary Schoolchildren: An Exploratory Trial (The A-CLASS Project)

in Pediatric Exercise Science
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This exploratory trial evaluates the effect of a structured exercise (STEX) or lifestyle intervention (PASS) program upon cardiovascular (CV) disease risk factors in children. Sixty-one schoolchildren were randomly assigned by school to an intervention or control (CON) condition. The effect of the STEX (compared with CON) was a mean benefit of −0.018 mm for average maximum carotid intimamedia thickness. The PASS intervention did not result in clinically important effects, and no other substantial changes were observed. Relatively high probability of clinically beneficial effects of the STEX intervention suggests that a larger, definitive randomized trial with longer follow-up is warranted.

Henaghan, McWhannell, Foweather, Cable, Stratton, and George are with Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences (REACH Group), Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Batterham is with the Centre for Food, Physical Activity, and Obesity Research, University of Teesside, UK.