Service Learning For Social Change: Raising Social Consciousness Among Sport Management Students

in Sport Management Education Journal
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  • 1 North Carolina State University
  • | 2 Bugg Elementary
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Recently, scholars of sport management have called for more research aimed at understanding how sport can be leveraged for social change. This interest has contributed to a burgeoning paradigm of sport management research and practice developed around using sport as a catalyst for broader human and community development. In order for sport practitioners to successfully develop, implement, and sustain these programs, integration of development-based theory and concepts are needed in sport management curricula. Service learning is one pedagogical approach for achieving this objective, and is well suited for promoting social change practices among students. This study assesses how participation in a sport-for-development (SFD) service learning project impacted the social consciousness and critical perspectives of sport management students. Results suggest the experience raised student’s awareness of community issues, developed a more holistic perspective on the role of service, and influenced their future careers.

Bush, Edwards, and Jones are with the Dept. of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. Hook and Armstrong are with Bugg Elementary, Raleigh, NC.

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