A Psychometric Evaluation of the Sports Inventory for Pain

in The Sport Psychologist
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  • 1 University of Texas, Austin
  • | 2 Arizona State University
  • | 3 Springfield College
  • | 4 University of Hartford
  • | 5 University of Denver
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This investigation was designed to assess the validity of the Sports Inventory for Pain (SIP; Meyers, Bourgeois, Stewart, & LeUnes, 1992). Study 1 used SIP responses to predict three objective measures of pain coping: pain threshold, pain tolerance, and the perception of a fixed, submaximal level of painful stimulation. Participants were 70 undergraduate volunteers (35 females, 35 males). Although two SIP subscales (Cognitive and Body Awareness) were related to at least one pain measure, another subscale (Coping) was negatively related to pain tolerance (opposite of predictions), and the composite HURT scores were not related to any of the pain measures. In Study 2,41 participants (31 females, 10 males) completed a wall sit (phantom chair) task and the SIP approximately 1 month after initially filling out the SIP. Test-retest reliabilities of the SIP were acceptable (average r = .75), but responses on the SIP did not predict performance on the painful physical endurance task. In Study 3, 54 participants (17 females, 37 males) completed the SIP approximately 1 month after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. SIP scores were not significantly correlated with measures of rehabilitation adherence and functional outcome at approximately 6 months postsurgery. Taken together, these three studies provide marginal support for the validity of the SIP and raise questions about the utility of the SIP as a predictor of participants’ ability to function while experiencing pain.

John B. Bartholomew is in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin, 222 Bellmont Hall, Austin, TX 78712. Britton W. Brewer and Judy L. Van Raalte are with the Department of Psychology at Springfield College, 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109. Darwyn E. Linder is with the Psychology Department at Arizona State University, Box 871104, Tempe, AZ 85287. Allen E. Cornelius is with the Division of Student Affairs, University of Hartford, 200 Blumefield Ave., GSU 313, West Hartford, CT 06117. Shannon M. Bart is with the Psychology Department at the University of Denver, 2155 S. Race St., University Park, Denver, CO 80208.