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It is the mission of Human Kinetics Journals to publish peer-reviewed research of the highest quality in the fields of physical activity and education, sport, kinesiology, and public health.

About Us

Human Kinetics, an employee-owned company, leads the world in providing information related to physical activity. That information takes many forms: textbooks, books for consumers, instructor support materials, online courses, digital products, videos, and journals. In 1973, Rainer Martens, then a kinesiology professor at the University of Illinois, attended the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity conference. Recognizing the need to disseminate the conference proceedings but finding no interested publishers, he and his wife, Marilyn, founded Human Kinetics in 1974. Five years later, Human Kinetics began publishing its first journal, the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Today, HK Journals publishes 27 peer-reviewed academic journals on a variety of subjects related to physical activity and sport, including athletic training, therapy and rehabilitation, physical education and coaching, public health, psychology and behavior in sport and exercise, kinesiology, sport business and management, esports, and social studies. The research we disseminate worldwide enables millions of people to better understand the role that physical activity and sport plays in improving our quality of life and overall health. Our journal articles are read by college students and professors, athletic trainers, rehabilitation specialists, athletes, coaches, physical educators, nutritionists, parents, medical practitioners, policy makers, and those seeking a healthier, more active lifestyle.

HK Journals approaches publishing from an inclusive and equitable framework, focusing on the following values in its business practices: resourcefulness, respect, integrity, teamwork, effort, and stewardship. We foster a diverse and healthy workplace for our on- and off-site employees, journal Editors and Editorial Boards, authors, peer reviewers, publishing partners, and contractors.


Human Kinetics Journals partners with societies and organizations to help achieve our mutual goals of nurturing a robust, active community of researchers in the fields of physical activity and education, kinesiology, public health, and sport. In an ever-changing business landscape with significant challenges, we believe that teamwork is an essential part of dreaming big. With more than 40 years of publishing experience, we’ve learned how to facilitate growth by remaining adaptive and listening to the evolving needs of our customers, stakeholders, and partners. We also appreciate that those same people have much to teach us, so we prioritize partnerships that are based on shared understanding, trust, effort, and responsiveness.

On behalf of the 27 journals we publish, HK Journals offers a range of benefits to our partners, including access to the decades of research we have published, marketing assistance, co-branding opportunities, conference support, unique member retention benefits, strategic business development, and proximity to a diverse and impactful community of researchers and practitioners who are leaders in their field. We listen to the needs of our partners and seek creative, mutually beneficial solutions that will lead to desired outcomes and a meaningful relationship. Partnering with HK Journals provides your group with the opportunity to leverage our knowledge, connections, and effort to help you achieve your immediate and long-range goals.


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