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Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Cristian Alvarez, Felipe García-Pinillos, Paulo Gentil, Jason Moran, Lucas A. Pereira, and Irineu Loturco

horizontal jumps) in soccer players ( 21 ). Similar to the ES norms previously described, to evaluate the TEC, a magnitude-based inference approach is applied, using the ratio between the result gain (ES) in the analyzed physical qualities [eg, CMJ, MB5, COD, 5RM, 2400-m TT, and MKD; also considered as the

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Juan A. Escobar Álvarez, Juan P. Fuentes García, Filipe A. Da Conceição, and Pedro Jiménez-Reyes

. This conclusion is in line with dance requirements of both training sessions and performance, such as a large number of repetitions for technical skills, vertical and horizontal jumps, changes of direction, and many stretch-shortening cycle actions with minimal foot support. 12 , 13 These results may

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Jennifer Sygo, Alicia Kendig Glass, Sophie C. Killer, and Trent Stellingwerff

Sport Food Considerations in Relation to the Jumps, Throws, and CE Performance efficacy per event group Ergogenic aid Rationale Vertical jumps Horizontal jumps Throws Multievents Beta-alanine Beta-alanine is an amino acid precursor of muscle carnosine, an intramuscular buffer with largest performance

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João Ribeiro, Luís Teixeira, Rui Lemos, Anderson S. Teixeira, Vitor Moreira, Pedro Silva, and Fábio Y. Nakamura

enhancing the sprint performance, agreeing with previous studies (with similar approaches) conducted on the topic. 21 , 22 , 27 , 28 Indeed, both the OPL and PT interventions comprised exercises with an anteroposterior force vector relative to the body (eg, hip thrust vs horizontal jumps), which seems to

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Alasdair Strokosch, Loic Louit, Laurent Seitz, Richard Clarke, and Jonathan D. Hughes

performance is supported by Della Iacono et al, 18 who reported a greater improvement in 10-m sprint velocity after a 3-week training intervention involving horizontal jumps compared to a similar protocol using vertical jumps (ES = 0.66 and 0.16; P  < .05 for horizontal and vertical jumps, respectively

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Yassine Negra, Helmi Chaabene, Senda Sammoud, Olaf Prieske, Jason Moran, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Ali Nejmaoui, and Urs Granacher

small performance improvements in countermovement jump (CMJ), horizontal jumps, reactive strength index, and maximal kicking velocity (effect size [ES] = 0.27–0.47), with larger effects seen in LPJT than in UPJT. Additional loads may have induced larger stretch reflex amplitudes during training, and

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Marco Beato, Stuart A. McErlain-Naylor, Israel Halperin, and Antonio Dello Iacono

enhanced athletic performances (eg, vertical and horizontal jumps, sprints, changes of direction, swimming kick start). 34 , 56 , 57 Although no study has specifically compared the PAP effects of different EOL exercise volumes, this review suggests, based on previous PAP literature, possible advantages in

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Olaf Prieske, Helmi Chaabene, Christian Puta, David G. Behm, Dirk Büsch, and Urs Granacher

-up, which included jogging at moderate intensity and a 5-minute specific warm-up composed of submaximal reactive exercises (ie, multidirectional jump movements). Subsequently, athletes performed DJs from 3 different drop-heights (ie, 20, 35, and 50 cm). In addition, horizontal jumps (ie, SLJ) and linear

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Helmi Chaabene, Yassine Negra, Jason Moran, Olaf Prieske, Senda Sammoud, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, and Urs Granacher

-up for all tests included 5 minutes of submaximal running with CoD exercises, 10 minutes of submaximal plyometrics (2 jump exercises of 20 vertical [ie, CMJ] and 10 horizontal jumps [ie, 2-footed ankles hop forward]), dynamic stretching exercises, and 5 minutes of a sprint-specific warm-up. 15 Speed

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Helmi Chaabene, Yassine Negra, Senda Sammoud, Jason Moran, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Urs Granacher, and Olaf Prieske

after the last training session or competitive event. Before testing, a general followed by a specific warm-up routine was performed including 5 minutes of submaximal running with CoD, 10 minutes of plyometrics (2 submaximal jump exercises of 20 vertical and 10 horizontal jumps), dynamic stretching