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Scott Kretchmar and Mark L. Latash

the debate that changed our understanding of time . Princeton University Press . Dawkins , R. ( 1976/2016 ). The selfish gene . Oxford University Press . De Waal , F. ( 2008 ). Putting the altruism back into altruism: The evolution of empathy . Annual Review of Psychology, 59 ( 1 ), 279

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Alan Klein

Indian reservation). Her altruism and social consciousness were exemplary, but grew so much larger when fused with her athletic accomplishments. Story Two: Jess Keeps Heart on Pine Ridge At 6 feet 4 inches, Heart looks like a quintessential baller. Lean and long, he was the best player to come out of

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Nicole T. Gabana, Aaron D’Addario, Matteo Luzzeri, Stinne Soendergaard, and Y. Joel Wong

). Gratitude, Spirituality, Religiosity, and Mental Health Spirituality has been associated with many positive characteristics such as courage, love, gratitude, selflessness, altruism, and coping ( Pieper, 1995 ). These qualities may be advantageous to the spiritual athlete both on and off the field, as

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Brian M. Mills, Scott Tainsky, B. Christine Green, and Becca Leopkey

Marketing, 26 , 51 – 59 . Fehr , E. , & Fischbacher , U. ( 2003 ). The nature of human altruism . Nature, 425 , 785 – 791 . PubMed doi:10.1038/nature02043 10.1038/nature02043 Gil-White , F.J. ( 2003 ). Ultimatum game with an ethnicity manipulation: Results from Khovdiin Bulgan Sum, Mongolia

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Marlene A. Dixon

different situations and demands from coaches, teammates, and friends. I have learned about altruism and friendship from my daughter Avery, who endlessly supports her friend group and helps champion each of their distinctive gifts. I have learned so much about listening and loving people from my husband

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Megan B. Shreffler, Adam R. Cocco, Regina G. Presley, and Chelsea C. Police

current events. For instance, in a sport ethics class in which students are expected to understand different ethical theories (e.g., egoism, altruism, utilitarianism) surface approaches to learning this content would rely simply on memorization of definitions for each of the theories. To encourage deep

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Kevin Patton and Melissa Parker

physical education system and entering a doctoral program helped them repurpose their professional lives. Second, was altruism, by way of service to the profession and society as significant others (e.g., professors, colleagues, acquaintances), insisted that they could offer significant contributions to

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Rachel Arnold, David Fletcher, and Jennifer A. Hobson

.g., entrepreneurial roles) and detrimental in other jobs or situations (e.g., traditional jobs reflecting altruism). To conduct such larger scale research moving forward, it will be necessary for scholars to develop or refine (e.g.,  Hogan & Hogan, 2001 , 2009 ) sophisticated measures of bright and dark leadership and

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Lea-Cathrin Dohme, Alexandra J. Rankin-Wright, and Sergio Lara-Bercial

coaches frequently exposed high levels of altruism (i.e., a motivational state that aims to increase other’s well-being), motivating them to support their athletes professionally and personally. Together, these findings thus support the notion that increased levels of purpose and duty can enhance coaches

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Rob Millington, Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Audrey R. Giles, and Steven Rynne

we move beyond the distracting narratives of pity, salvation, benevolence, and altruism that underlie industry-led SFD CSR interventions in Indigenous communities and instead focus on the unequal power relations and stunted choices that make extractives-industry-funded SFD programming in Indigenous