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Javier Yanci, Daniel Castillo, Aitor Iturricastillo, Astrid Aracama, Alba Roldan, and Raúl Reina

ball with other assessment tests without the ball, for instance with tests of sprints, changes of direction, or vertical and horizontal jumps which have already been described as discriminators among players of different sport classes in this team para-sport. 4 , 5 Similarly, future research would

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Thomas Haugen, Will Hopkins, Felix Breitschädel, Gøran Paulsen, and Paul Solberg

oxygen consumption, Wingate, vertical or horizontal jumps, sprint, abdominal endurance, leg press, squat, chins, bench press, and their isolated association to 1 or 2 of the following on-ice performance parameters: entry draft selection order, 9 – 11 cross-sections of playing standards (elite vs

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Mehrez Hammami, Nawel Gaamouri, Gaith Aloui, Roy J. Shephard, and Mohamed Souhaiel Chelly

40 cm, and then 10-m sprints), 2 (6 reps of thigh press at 85% of 1RM, then 6 horizontal jumps, and then 10-m sprints), 3 (8-s isometric half-squat at 75% of 1RM, then 6 hopping on 1 foot [3 on the right side and 3 on the left side], and then 10-m sprints), and 4 (6 reps of calf extension at 90% of 1

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Ayane Muro, Nozomi Takatoku, Chiaki Ohtaka, Motoko Fujiwara, and Hiroki Nakata

participants were asked to perform CTJ as quickly as possible. Therefore, SSC might be associated with data of shorter MT. In addition, activation of leg muscles between vertical and horizontal jumps might differ. Harry et al. ( 2015 ) recorded electromyographic activity of lower limbs from eight muscles

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Lennie Waite, Chris Stanley, Brian Zuleger, and Anne Shadle

9 10 Horizontal jumps Vertical jumps Throws Marathon No response 7 7 5 8 13 Note. TPP = Talent Protection Program; NCAA AA = National Collegiate Athletic Association AA; WC = World Championship. a All-Americans in 2019. SP Usage The use and understanding of SP services was assessed by asking

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Anna Posbergh and Shannon Jette

same drills and workouts. The only measures of separation taken were by event category (i.e., throws, sprints, distance, horizontal jumps, and vertical jumps) or if athletes had conflicts with scheduled team practice times. Participants were recruited through personal contacts made possible through the

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Athanasia Smirniotou, Flora Panteli, and Apostolos Theodorou

Biomechanics, 4 ( 2 ), 114 – 129 . 10.1123/ijsb.4.2.114 Hay , J.G. , & Koh , T.J. ( 1988 ). Evaluating the approach in the horizontal jumps . International Journal of Sport Biomechanics, 4 ( 4 ), 372 – 392 . 10.1123/ijsb.4

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Andrew Sortwell, Michael Newton, Daniel A. Marinho, Jorge Knijnik, and Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo

countermovement and horizontal jumps ( Chaouachi, Hammami, et al., 2014 ). In more recent research by Lloyd, Radnor, et al. ( 2015 ), it was found that following 6 weeks of plyometric training in boys with a mean age of 12 years, there were significant improvements in squat jumping and hopping compared with a

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Rodrigo Ghedini Gheller, Rafael Lima Kons, Juliano Dal Pupo, and Daniele Detanico

sand or that used additional manipulative techniques, such as electrostimulation. Concurrent or combined training, plyometric training with horizontal jumps. Comparator The studies must have included an experimental group (vertical jumps or sprint training) and presented pre- and postintervention data

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Iñigo Mujika, Shona Halson, Louise M. Burke, Gloria Balagué, and Damian Farrow

skills to be trained at different phases of the training cycle, indicating that the skills addressed should match the needs of the training phase, as well as the demands of the sport and the characteristics of the athlete. The author offered a model for horizontal jumps training and proposed a modified