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Nicolas Robin, Lucette Toussaint, Eric Joblet, Emmanuel Roublot, and Guillaume R. Coudevylle

used MI and therefore internal visual imagery, increased their performances seems to go against this hypothesis. Our study could be extended by experimental conditions adding more performance improvement strategy combinations. For example, observational learning could be combined with MI as recent

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Alan L. Smith

those of similar age. For example, peer coping models have been used in observational learning research with children who are low in confidence and skill (e.g.,  Weiss, McCullagh, Smith, & Berlant, 1998 ). In sport settings there can be clear status differences between highly accomplished and other

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Emily Kroshus, Sara P.D. Chrisman, David Coppel, and Stanley Herring

relationship or reporting environment to allow for self-disclosure. Consistent with best practice guidance for increasing self-efficacy ( Bandura, 1977 ) it may be important to provide coaches with strategies or opportunities for observational learning about how to approach athletes if they are concerned. It

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Sean Sanford, Mingxiao Liu, and Raviraj Nataraj

, Ugrinowitsch H . Bandwidth knowledge of results persists on motor skills acquisition . Montricidade . 2018 ; 14 ( 2–3 ): 107 – 114 . doi:10.6063/motricidade.14294 10.6063/motricidade.14294 37. Badets A , Blandin Y . Observational learning: effects of bandwidth knowledge of results . J Mot Behav

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Heather J. Leach, Katie B. Potter, and Mary C. Hidde

, expectations/expectancies, and observational learning), (2) goal setting and self-monitoring (ie, self-efficacy, reinforcement, and self-control), and (3) identifying PA barriers and facilitators and problem solving to overcome PA barriers (ie, environment and reinforcement). Education/discussion session

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Sara M. Scharoun, David A. Gonzalez, Eric A. Roy, and Pamela J. Bryden

development of motor planning and the role of observational learning . Vision Research, 51 ( 8 ), 945 – 954 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.visres.2010.12.003 10.1016/j.visres.2010.12.003 Karapetsas , A.B. , & Vlachos , F.M. ( 1997 ). Sex and handedness in development of visuomotor skills . Perceptual and

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Moira Lafferty and Caroline Wakefield

suggested in line with SCT that observing the hazing behaviors of older team members, and the subsequent social reward and power while being initiated, presented an observational learning experience, and that in turn contributed to the desire to be in a position to become the perpetrator. Combining all of

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Shelby Borowski, Jyoti Savla, and Anisa M. Zvonkovic

, and we were unable to account for it in the analyses. Finally, this study did not account for all SCT constructs due to space constraints in the initial survey. Future daily diary studies could consider multiple constructs of SCT (eg, self-regulation, observational learning) to help explain and

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Christian Kaczmarek, Alexander Schmidt, Anna Sophie Emperle, and Sabine Schaefer

participants who perform a task could enable participants to discover strategies to solve the task. Observers may also profit from observational learning. For the current studies, the order of participants within the spectator conditions was drawn by lot. A person who performs relatively late has observed more

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Takashi Shimazaki, Hiroaki Taniguchi, and Masao Kikkawa

that NC contributed to the formulation of impression on interpersonal communication more significantly than other communication channels ( Dobrescu, 2014 ; Mehrabian & Wiener, 1967 ). In coaching, verbal instructions with body language facilitate improved performance, according to the observational