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Jessica Murphy, Karen A. Patte, Philip Sullivan, and Scott T. Leatherdale

, & Eaton, 2014 ). Internal consistency in the current study was acceptable (α = .746). A score of 10 or more is indicative of clinically relevant depression symptoms ( Radloff, 1977 ). Anxiety symptoms Symptoms of generalized anxiety were measured using the 7-item Generalized Anxiety Disorder scale (GAD-7

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Megan M. Byrd, Anthony P. Kontos, Shawn R. Eagle, and Samuel Zizzi

for males, it was 20.25 ( SD  = 8.2; Bartlett, Abrams, Byrd, Treankler, & Houston-Norton, 2018 ). Generalized anxiety disorder Anxiety was assessed on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item measure (GAD-7; Spitzer, Kroenke, Williams, & Lowe, 2006 ), answered on a 4-point Likert scale (0 [ not at

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Andreas Kuettel, Natalie Durand-Bush, and Carsten H. Larsen

Danish version of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder questionnaire (GAD-7; Spitzer, Kroenke, Williams, & Löwe, 2006 ), which is a widely used and validated screening tool for generalized anxiety disorders in the general population. Athletes answered statements such as “Feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge

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Carley O’Neill and Shilpa Dogra

(pre: 2.69 [0.57]; post: 2.5 [0.65]). We thus expect that as a result of repeated exposure to bodily sensations during exercise, adults with asthma will experience reductions of approximately 0.5 in their BSQ score. The Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7) is a 7-item tool used to determine symptoms of

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Richard E. Tahtinen and Hafrun Kristjansdottir

.” Previous help-seeking was then coded into a dichotomized variable “yes” or “no.” Individual sport athletes also answered whether they were currently in the national team or in an elite training group. General Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7) Is a brief, 7-item self-report measure for assessing generalized

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Steven J. Petruzzello and Allyson G. Box

Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders for a major depressive episode in the past 2 weeks). 3 For anxiety, 31% of the students reported some level of anxiety, with 17% reporting moderate anxiety and 14% reporting severe anxiety (anxiety was measured using the GAD-7, a 7-item tool for screening and measuring

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Bradley Donohue, Marina Galante, Julia Maietta, Bern Lee, Nina Paul, Joanne E. Perry, Arianna Corey, and Daniel N. Allen

Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D; Devins et al., 1988 ; Etzel, Watson, Visek, & Maniar, 2006 ), and the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7; Spitzer, Kroenke, Williams, & Lowe, 2006 ). Although these assessment measures have established psychometric support in non-athlete populations ( Derogatis

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Karin Moesch, Andreas Ivarsson, and Urban Johnson

Depression The Patient Health Questionnaire for Depression and Anxiety (PHQ-4; Kroenke, Spitzer, Williams, & Löwe, 2009 ) containing four items was used to measure symptoms of anxiety and depression, which are aspects of mental illness. The PHQ-4 consists of the first two items of the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7

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Megan Drew, Trent A. Petrie, and Tess Palmateer

majority of the schools ( n  = 112, 59.9%) reported using a validated measure (e.g., CCAPS, GAD-7, PHQ-9) for screening. The other schools created their own measures/questions, most often in consultation with MH professionals (e.g., psychologist at their counseling center); such items included “I feel sad

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Jonathan P. Davy, Karine Scheuermaier, Laura C. Roden, Candice J. Christie, Alison Bentley, Francesc X. Gomez-Olive, Stella Iacovides, Raphaella Lewis, Gosia Lipinska, Johanna Roche, Andrew Todd, Swantje Zschernack, and Dale E. Rae

.0000093487.78664.3C 18. Spitzer RL , Kroenke K , Williams JB , Lowe B . A brief measure for assessing generalized anxiety disorder: the GAD-7 . Arch Intern Med . 2006 ; 166 ( 10 ): 1092 – 1097 . PubMed ID: 16717171 doi:10.1001/archinte.166.10.1092 16717171 10.1001/archinte.166.10.1092 19. Morin