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Qiwei Huang and Ryan M. Brewer

This case examines dilemmas evolving in China’s premier soccer league, the Chinese Super League. A plan is suggested for confronting the league’s challenges, with recommendations that focus on creating a harmonious and competitive league. Challenges arise from the political and economic transformation currently taking place in China, affecting league operations. While the league stands at a precipice of change on the eve of the Beijing Olympic Games, its viability as a going concern is uncertain. Part of the uncertainty derives from an unregulated system of league policies that have been poorly communicated and unenforced, resulting in discord. Development of league regulations and communication protocols remains largely government driven and would be best if consistent with the local culture, but commercial issues of league operations are also important. Enhancing the effectiveness and consistency of culture-sensitive communication protocols—especially between the government, media, and league officials—will increase participation from league stakeholders.

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Susana Andrade, Angélica Ochoa-Avilés, Wilma Freire, Natalia Romero-Sandoval, Daniel Orellana, Teodoro Contreras, José Luis Pillco, Jessica Sacta, Diana Andrade Muñoz, Patricia Ramírez, Miguel Martin and Silvana Donoso

sample). School INC* The data available to calculate this indicator do not comply with the current governmental regulation. Additionally, data are not available on the percentage of PE specialists per school. Community and Environment D+ 37.4%(N = 68828) of the adult population (>18 year) scored their

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Jörg Krieger, Lindsay Parks Pieper and Ian Ritchie

, IFs also wield significant power in resolving disputes. IFs are self-organized and act within a closed network comprised of other sporting bodies. These networks are generally independent from outside control, such as through government regulation or legal jurisdiction, which dissuades external

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large, persistent gaps in basic managerial practices existed. Several reasons were offered by the authors to explain these two major findings including management overconfidence, government regulation, and false perceptions of operational effectiveness. In all, it is suggested that this research should

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Haylee U. Mercado and John Grady

environmental rewards, despite the lack of governmental regulation or standards. Currently, while there are few regulatory stakeholders who influence PAFs, there is a greater impact by community, media, and internal stakeholders ( Uecker-Mercado & Walker, 2012 ). The sources of environmental pressure in PAFs

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Gretchen Kerr, Anthony Battaglia and Ashley Stirling

inconsistent with the child-centered approaches reflected in other youth-populated domains that advocate for democratic and positive disciplinary methods ( David, 2005 ). It has been argued that as long as sport remains self-regulating and at arm’s length from government regulations and wider human rights

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jay johnson and Adam Ehsan Ali

& Millington,2013 ). As Davidson and MacKendrick ( 2004 ) note, in certain forms of EM, environmental issues are “liberated” from the constraints of government regulations, and are instead addressed by “experts” with specialized abilities to increase the efficiency of technology to make it both environmentally

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Rob Millington, Simon C. Darnell and Brad Millington

1960s, the tripartite “threats” of governmental regulation, environment-related litigation, and anti-industry activism forced corporations to shift their response to environmental issues from denial to “strategic environmentalism.” The strategic component of environmentalism involves developing

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Ina Garthe and Ronald J. Maughan

in Chinese, Korean, and/or herbal medicine prescriptions. Governmental regulation and policies differ between countries. Other supplements: Includes a wide range of herbal and botanical extracts and concentrates Supplements for: weight loss (shakes, tablets), increased energy, increased libido