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Human Movement: In Search of Borderlands Between Philosophy and Physics

Scott Kretchmar and Mark L. Latash

different levels, including rules associated with respective laws of nature, will increase and decrease depending on both external conditions and the status of various parts of the interacting three-level system. Some rules may be inherently stronger than others, but context always makes a significant

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Motor Control: Creating a Natural Science of Biological Movement

Mark L. Latash

exploring laws of nature that define the interaction among the central nervous system, peripheral motor apparatus, sensory organs, and the environment during biological movements. Laws of nature are concise descriptions of our observations of objects. Commonly, they are expressed as equations that link

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On Primitives in Motor Control

Mark L. Latash

of this concept compatible with the approach to the neural control of movement based on laws of nature, the physical approach. The notion of primitives has been used in fields other than motor control, in particular in studies of perception (e.g.,  Logothetis & Sheinberg, 1996 ) and cognition (e

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Abundant Degrees of Freedom Are Not a Problem

Mark L. Latash

computing requisite neural signals from brain structures to produce appropriate forces that would lead to desired actions. The alternative approach views the CNS as a physical (physiological) system that performs no computational operations but behaves according to laws of nature. Of course, researchers

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Reaching Movements With Limb-Based Visual Feedback

Fatemeh Zahed and Max Berniker

– 2994 . 10.1152/jn.00483.2010 Latash , M.L. ( 2021 ). Laws of nature that define biological action and perception . Physics of Life Reviews, 36, 47 – 67 . 10.1016/j.plrev.2020.07.007 Morasso , P. ( 1981

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Motor Control: A Conceptual Framework for Rehabilitation

Mindy F. Levin and Daniele Piscitelli

physics exploring laws of nature defining how the nervous system interacts with other body parts and the environment to produce purposeful, coordinated actions ” ( This definition does not specify exactly how control is organized in the CNS. However, traditionally, it is thought that in

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Bernstein’s Philosophy of Time: An Unknown Manuscript by Nikolai Bernstein (1949)

Mark L. Latash and Vera L. Talis

the Pluto; lines of force action and space curvature; (b) Waves of light through a point in ether. What is the function of its time changes and can it exist? 3). The history of the evolution of the meaning of concepts: a). God-spirit (spiritual atoms, etc., non-material matter); b). Laws of nature

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Optimality, Stability, and Agility of Human Movement: New Optimality Criterion and Trade-Offs

Mark L. Latash

. 33566734 10.1152/jn.00545.2020 Latash , M.L. ( 2021b ). Laws of nature that define biological action and perception . Physics of Life Reviews, 36, 47 – 67 . 32868159 10.1016/j.plrev.2020.07.007 Latash , M

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Intramuscle Synergies: Their Place in the Neural Control Hierarchy

Mark L. Latash, Shirin Madarshahian, and Joseph M. Ricotta

, M.L. ( 2020b ). On primitives in motor control . Motor Control, 24 ( 2 ), 318 – 346 . 31982001 Latash , M.L. ( 2021a ). Laws of nature that define biological action and perception . Physics of Life Reviews, 36, 47 – 67 .