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Nicole L. Hoffman, Hannes Devos, and Julianne D. Schmidt

symptom checklists, paper-and-pencil neuropsychological assessment battery, and driving simulator. He did not report a history of any neurologic disorder or injury, did not use drugs or alcohol heavily, and was not taking any medications that caused drowsiness at the time. He had not been involved in any

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Chih-Hung Chen, Ming-Chang Jeng, Chin-Ping Fung, Ji-Liang Doong, and Tien-Yow Chuang


Whether virtual rehabilitation is beneficial has not been determined.


To investigate the psychological benefits of virtual reality in rehabilitation.


An experimental group underwent therapy with a virtual-reality-based exercise bike, and a control group underwent the therapy without virtual-reality equipment.


Hospital laboratory.


30 patients suffering from spinal-cord injury.


A designed rehabilitation therapy.

Main Outcome Measures:

Endurance, Borg's rating-of-perceived-exertion scale, the Activation–Deactivation Adjective Check List (AD-ACL), and the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire.


The differences between the experimental and control groups were significant for AD-ACL calmness and tension.


A virtual-reality-based rehabilitation program can ease patients' tension and induce calm.

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Joris Drayer and Daniel A. Rascher

Teaching a graduate level sport finance class can be quite complex. With a variety of concepts such as pricing, budgeting, and public funding, to convey in a limited amount of time, new forms of pedagogy are necessary to assist instructors as this technologically-advanced generation enters into academia. Subsequently, technology has been created to apply basic concepts related to finance to the complexity of a professional sports organization. One such program is the Oakland A’s Baseball Business Simulator. Through interviews and “emotional recall” (Ellis, 2004), this evaluative case study seeks to determine the effectiveness of this technology within this environment.

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Robert Stow

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Leah S. Goudy, Brandon Rhett Rigby, Lisa Silliman-French, and Kevin A. Becker

, Papadakis, Bane, Park, & Grandjean, 2015 ). By removing the affect between the rider and the horse, the physical changes (e.g., balance, posture) that occur with habitual horseback riding may be more readily quantified during SHBR. A horseback riding simulator is a novel device that can accurately represent

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Stacy Walker and Ashley B. Thrasher

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Nichola Callow, Dan Jiang, Ross Roberts, and Martin G. Edwards

simulator task when combining IVI with KIN than when using IVI alone. We made this hypothesis based on the underlying neuroscientific explanations presented earlier that the IVI and KIN combination should provide a richer cognitive representation (or functional equivalence; Jeannerod, 1994 , 2001 ) and be

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Nathaniel A. Bates, Nathan D. Schilaty, Ryo Ueno, and Timothy E. Hewett

to high-risk loading profiles than the MCL. 11 As with the ACL, the timing of MCL strain relative to varied injury-risk stimuli has not been evaluated. With the mechanical impact simulator, it is now possible to quantify the real-time magnitude of ACL and MCL strain during physiologically relevant

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Faezeh Mohammadi Sanjani, Abbas Bahram, Moslem Bahmani, Mina Arvin, and John van der Kamp

they often were texting while driving. Participants signed written informed consent before participating, and the study was approved by the Kharazmi University Institutional Review Board. Instrumentation Driving simulator The driving simulator (pride CI 302 semi) consisted of a PC with three high

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Louis M. Ferreira, Graham J.W. King, and James A. Johnson

., Peterborough, ON) to keep the soft tissues moist during testing. The humeral clamp allowed unconstrained elbow motion, while rigidly affixing the humerus to the motion simulator. The simulator itself was mounted to a 2-degree-of-freedom universal joint, which permitted orientation of the arm in the dependent