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Leah S. Goudy, Brandon Rhett Rigby, Lisa Silliman-French, and Kevin A. Becker

, Papadakis, Bane, Park, & Grandjean, 2015 ). By removing the affect between the rider and the horse, the physical changes (e.g., balance, posture) that occur with habitual horseback riding may be more readily quantified during SHBR. A horseback riding simulator is a novel device that can accurately represent

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Richard B. Kreider, Gary W. Miller, Deborah Schenck, Charles W. Cortes, Victor Miriel, C. Thomas Somma, Pam Rowland, Caroll Turner, and Dawn Hill

Six trained male cyclists and triathletes participated in a double blind study to determine the effects of phosphate loading on maximal and endurance exercise performance. Subjects ingested either 1 gm of tribasic sodium phosphate or a glucose placebo four times daily for 3 days prior to performing either an incremental maximal cycling test or a simulated 40-km time trial on a computerized race simulator. They continued the supplementation protocol for an additional day and then performed the remaining maximal or performance exercise test. Subjects observed a 17-day washout period between testing sessions and repeated the experiment with the alternate supplement regimen in identical fashion. Metabolic data were collected at 15-sec intervals while venous blood samples and 2D-echocardiographic data were collected during each stage of exercise during the maximal exercise test and at 8-km intervals during the 404cm time trial. Results indicate that phosphate loading attenuated anaerobic threshold, increased myocardial ejection fraction and fractional shortening, increased maximal oxidative capacity, and enhanced endurance performance in competitive cyclists and triathletes.

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Bettina Callary

them, according to their citations, in deciles, percentiles with their impact factor simulator. While this ranking is a simulation and is not a formal indication of rank, and while Comunicar does not have any connection to Human Kinetics or Clarivate Analytics, for 2020 they have ranked ISCJ 15th

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Kay Winkert, Johannes Kirsten, Rupert Kamnig, Jürgen M. Steinacker, and Gunnar Treff

intensity 15 , 16 but also on the technological approach 16 – 18 (Table  1 ), being BBB or DMC. Notably, the individual reference method (eg, DB method, 10 , 12 – 16 metabolic simulator, 18 or another metabolic analyzer) 11 , 17 needs to be considered, when results of different studies are compared

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Víctor Rodríguez-Rielves, Alejandro Martínez-Cava, Ángel Buendía-Romero, José Ramón Lillo-Beviá, Javier Courel-Ibáñez, Alejandro Hernández-Belmonte, and Jesús G. Pallarés

, simulating common situations caused by cobblestone roads or other rough terrains. 10 The front fork of the bicycle was attached to a Kickr Climb Indoor Grade Simulator (Wahoo Fitness, Atlanta, GA) to compensate for the height of the vibration platform (19.5 cm), thus achieving a 0% slope. The values of PO

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Haresh T. Suppiah, Chee Yong Low, Gabriel Choong, and Michael Chia

in diameter. Both guns used pellets of 4.5 mm in diameter. Shooting score was recorded using a computerized optical shooting simulator unit (SCATT Shooter Training Systems, Moscow Region, Russia). The shooting competition commenced 1 minute after a 10-minute period of sighting in. During the shooting

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Milos R. Petrovic, Amador García-Ramos, Danica N. Janicijevic, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Olivera M. Knezevic, and Dragan M. Mirkov

simulator (ie, single-stroke kayak test [SSKT]) and during traditional resistance training exercises (bench press and bench pull) are sensitive enough to discriminate between kayakers of different specializations. Unpublished data from our laboratory have already shown that the F–V relationship parameters

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Kylie A. Legg, Darryl J. Cochrane, Erica K. Gee, Paul W. Macdermid, and Chris W. Rogers

, Wilson AM , Witte TH . The kinematics and kinetics of riding a racehorse: a quantitative comparison of a training simulator and real horses . J Biomech . 2016 ; 49 ( 14 ): 3368 – 3374 . doi:10.1016/j.jbiomech.2016.08.031 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2016.08.031 4. Terada K . Comparison of head movement

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Luis Columna, Denzil A. Streete, Samuel R. Hodge, Suzanna Rocco Dillon, Beth Myers, Michael L. Norris, Tiago V. Barreira, and Kevin S. Heffernan

utilize the orientation concepts presented to the parents. Parents were encouraged to support independent travel in their children. Families left the workshop with the low-vision simulators they had created (which double as blackout goggles), handouts summarizing orientation systems, and a bag of fun and

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Brad Thatcher, Georgi Ivanov, Mihaly Szerovay, and Graham Mills

. , Iselius , L. , Leijonmarck , C. , Rutqvist , J. , & Arvidsson , D. ( 2002 ). Does training in a virtual reality simulator improve surgical performance? Surgical Endoscopy and Other Interventional Techniques, 16 ( 1 ), 126 – 129 . PubMed ID: 11961622 doi:10.1007/s00464-001-9025-6. 10.1007/s