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Steven Loy

?” And so, I challenged my classes to take their knowledge to the people and make changes in community health by increasing people’s physical activity. Show and educate participants, particularly in underserved communities where health disparities are the greatest, what to do to meet the Centers for

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Bilyana Mileva

such as Eurostat 914 Barometer survey or UNICEF Health Behavior in School-aged Children and other national sources. However, facing this insufficiency, disparity and incomparability of existing data, the core of Bulgaria’s 2018 Report Card was informed by a survey of 1014 Bulgarian children aged 6 to

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Lauren Anne Lipker, Caitlyn Rae Persinger, Bradley Steven Michalko and Christopher J. Durall

, whereas the third study found no between-group differences in atrophic changes. 1 , 2 , 4 This disparity in outcomes may be due to a variety of factors including but not limited to, cuff size, occlusive pressure, individual treatment session duration, and length of the intervention period. For instance

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Chelsey Klimek, Christopher Ashbeck, Alexander J. Brook and Chris Durall

the injury rate was higher in the Hak et al’s 4 study, although differences in sample size and/or response bias may explain some of the disparity between these studies. Differences in CrossFit experience between the reviewed studies may also explain some of the disparities in injury rates. Weisenthal

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Erica M. Willadsen, Andrea B. Zahn and Chris J. Durall

the training protocols between these studies may have contributed to the disparity in outcomes. It is also plausible that the impact of core stability training on landing knee valgus angulation is nominal. Core stability training also produced conflicting results between the reviewed studies for

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Gemma N. Parry, Lee C. Herrington and Ian G. Horsley

literature, Hogarth et al 5 and Koch et al 7 attributed result disparities to lack of subject familiarization with the technique. Timed push-ups have been highlighted as poor for assessment of force–time performance due to an athlete only being required to move 60% of their body mass—as opposed to the 100

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Jemima C. John, Shreela V. Sharma, Deanna Hoelscher, Michael D. Swartz and Chuck Huber

efficacious in PA due to an uneven distribution in PA opportunities between the two genders. Equal access to PA opportunities for both genders can help stem PA and self-efficacy disparities that, unfortunately, persist into adulthood. We also observed differences in self-efficacy scores across education

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Janet E. Fulton, David M. Buchner, Susan A. Carlson, Deborah Borbely, Kenneth M. Rose, Ann E. O’Connor, Janelle P. Gunn and Ruth Petersen

tactics for promoting physical activity nationwide. Reducing health disparities and promoting health equity are important, cross-cutting goals in these documents, which is an overarching theme of Active People, Healthy Nation SM . Five Action Steps of Active People, Healthy Nation SM To accelerate

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Julie A. Fuller, Heidi L. Hammil, Kelly J. Pronschinske and Chris J. Durall

the only authors in this review who reported a lower dislocation rate following surgery. Given the disparity in surgical outcomes between the reviewed studies, there is a need for additional investigations comparing the various operative techniques. Rates of reoperation differed between the studies

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Ashley L. Santo, Melissa L. Race and Elizabeth F. Teel

exam, which included the following: - NPC - Stereopsis - Ocular alignment at distance and near - Near and distance phoria - Gradient accommodative convergence/accommodation - Maximum near negative and positive vergence - Motor fusion - Fixation disparity - Amplitude of accommodation - Monocular