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Maja Zamoscinska, Irene R. Faber and Dirk Büsch

exercises were performed: leg press at 45°, knee extension, plantar flexion, squats, hip adduction, gluts (machine for gluts), elbow flexion, elbow extension, and shoulder adduction. At the beginning and in the end of the training: 10 s of stretches for each muscle group (in the exercises machines). CG: no

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Keith Baar

-sectional area, EMG and stretch tolerance . Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 7 ( 4 ), 195 – 202 . PubMed ID: 9241023 doi:10.1111/j.1600-0838.1997.tb00139.x 10.1111/j.1600-0838.1997.tb00139.x Majima , T. , Marchuk , L.L. , Sciore , P. , Shrive , N.G. , Frank , C.B. , & Hart , D

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Jennifer L. Rizzo

was painful in the scapula region that increased when stretching the trapezius and rhomboids. I had been experiencing a “cloudy” sensation in my right ear with facial and dental pain on both sides, but the right was significantly more intense. Differential Diagnosis My diagnosis of TOS was a diagnosis

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Nickolai Martonick, Kimber Kober, Abigail Watkins, Amanda DiEnno, Carmen Perez, Ashlie Renfro, Songah Chae and Russell Baker

restrict excessive range of motion (eg, sudden ankle perturbation) through braces and nonelastic tape applications. 2 However, investigators have begun to examine the hypothesized effects of elastic tape on the stimulation of mechanoreceptors through skin stretch to facilitate proprioception; thus

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Flávia Cavalcante Monteiro Melo, Kátia Kamila Félix de Lima, Ana Paula Knackfuss Freitas Silveira, Kesley Pablo Morais de Azevedo, Isis Kelly dos Santos, Humberto Jefferson de Medeiros, José Carlos Leitão and Maria Irany Knackfuss

specific speed, strength can be classified as concentric, when muscle fibers contract and are shortened; eccentric when characterized by the stretching of the fibers in a controlled manner; and isometric when the muscle contracts generating strength without performing movement. It can be measured through

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Chelsey Klimek, Christopher Ashbeck, Alexander J. Brook and Chris Durall

programs incorporate actual CrossFit exercises into their workout programs, which make them a valuable comparison. More traditional army PT consists of warm-up and stretching exercises followed by calisthenics, push-ups, sit-ups, some sprint training, and group long-distance running. 3 Participation in

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Erica M. Willadsen, Andrea B. Zahn and Chris J. Durall

(stretching, strengthening, plyometric exercise, and sports-specific agility drills) to address proprioceptive and biomechanical deficits that are often seen in young female athletes. Mandelbaum et al 6 found that the PEP group sustained 4 ACL tears (0.13 incidence rate) at the 2-year follow-up, whereas the

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Yuko Kuramatsu, Yuji Yamamoto and Shin-Ichi Izumi

unable to use perceptual redundancy and complementarity as effectively as healthy participants. The sensory tests revealed that some participants with hemiparesis had mild to severe somatosensory defects. Others, who showed no somatosensory defects during the test, displayed an exaggerated stretch reflex

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Chien-Chih Chou, Kuan-Chou Chen, Mei-Yao Huang, Hsin-Yu Tu and Chung-Ju Huang

eye–hand coordination with reaction time and cognitive processing speed. Each lesson began with a 10-min warm-up (moderate cardiovascular activity and static and dynamic stretching), followed by a 30-min movement game. Bouts ended with a water break, slight cool down with cardiovascular activity, and

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Marcos de Noronha, Eleisha K. Lay, Madelyn R. Mcphee, George Mnatzaganian and Guilherme S. Nunes

40279-015-0404-x 10.1007/s40279-015-0404-x 17. Behm DG , Blazevich AJ , Kay AD , McHugh M . Acute effects of muscle stretching on physical performance, range of motion, and injury incidence in healthy active individuals: a systematic review . Appl Physiol Nutr Metab Physiol Appl Nutr Metab