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Øyvind Skattebo and Thomas Losnegard

, Bacharach DW . Physiological characteristics and performance of top U.S. biathletes. Med Sci Sports Exerc . 1995 ; 27 : 1302 – 1310 . PubMed 10.1249/00005768-199509000-00010 8531629 11. Rundell KW . Treadmill roller ski test predicts biathlon roller ski race results of elite U.S. biathlon women

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Monica Klungland Torstveit, Ida Fahrenholtz, Thomas B. Stenqvist, Øystein Sylta and Anna Melin

to perform an incremental test until exhaustion: cyclists and triathletes on a stationary bike (Excalibur Sport; Lode B.V., Groningen, The Netherlands) and runners on a treadmill (Katana Sport; Lode B.V.). Cyclists started with 1 min of cycling at a power output corresponding to 3 W/kg, and increased

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Kirsty J. Elliott-Sale, Adam S. Tenforde, Allyson L. Parziale, Bryan Holtzman and Kathryn E. Ackerman

(either 60 or 30 kcal·kg −1 FFM·day −1 ) and a fixed exercise program of daily treadmill running at 70% of peak aerobic capacity, resulting in an EEE of 15 kcal·kg −1 FFM·day −1 . The women had significantly higher bone resorption marker AUCs and significantly lower bone formation AUCs in the restricted

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Petter Fagerberg

DEXA Expending ∼500 kcal/day by the use of a treadmill and cycle ergometer Mean intake of 1,766–1,883 kcal/day in the three groups 21 BW  • All: −3.2 kg* or −1 kg/week (from 77.1 to 73.9 kg)  • RDA: −3.5 kg*  • 2 × RDA: −2.7 kg*  • 3 × RDA: −3.3 kg* FFM  • RDA: −2.3 kg  • 2 × RDA: −0.8 kg* versus RDA

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Diego de Alcantara Borba, Eduardo da Silva Alves, João Paulo Pereira Rosa, Lucas Alves Facundo, Carlos Magno Amaral Costa, Aldo Coelho Silva, Fernanda Veruska Narciso, Andressa Silva and Marco Túlio de Mello

exhaustion) (2) 40-min cycling exercise (10-min warm-up+ 15 min 70%–80% VO 2 max+15 min increasing workload until exhaustion) ↑ total IGF-1 after ↓ free IGF-1 after ↑ total IGF-1 after → free IGF-1 after   Rakover et al 11 12 women (27.3 [1.1] y) 10-min treadmill run at 85% peak VO 2 → total IGF-1 after

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Assumpta Ensenyat, Gemma Espigares-Tribo, Leonardo Machado-Da-Silva, Xenia Sinfreu-Bergués and Alfonso Blanco

an intensity of 60% of their VO 2 peak. Training Session Schedule and Monitoring Both exercise groups performed the first 8 sessions on indoor cycles, the next 4 sessions on a treadmill, and the remaining 4 sessions running outside in green areas of the city. Across the 16 sessions, participants were

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Emmanuel Gomes Ciolac, José Messias Rodrigues da Silva and Rodolfo Paula Vieira

smoke-induced COPD in mice, it was demonstrated that chronic regular moderate-intensity treadmill aerobic training reduced the number and activation (reactive oxygen and nitrogen species production) of pulmonary macrophages, reduced the pulmonary accumulation of 8-isoprostane, increased the expression

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5-min treadmill bouts, starting at 0.22 m/s, and increasing in 0.22 m/s increments until participants: 1) chose to run, 2) achieved 75% HRmax, or 3) reported RPE >13. Cadence was directly observed. Oxygen consumption (VO2) was measured using indirect calorimetry, with METs calculated from the final

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Ricardo J.S. Costa, Vera Camões-Costa, Rhiannon M.J. Snipe, David Dixon, Isabella Russo and Zoya Huschtscha

maximal oxygen uptake ( V ˙ O 2 max ; Vmax Encore Metabolic Cart; CareFusion Corp, San Diego, CA) was estimated by means of a continuous incremental exercise test to volitional exhaustion on a motorized treadmill (Forma Run 500; Technogym, Seattle, WA), as previously reported ( Costa et al., 2009 ). To

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Rachel McCormick, Brian Dawson, Marc Sim, Leanne Lester, Carmel Goodman and Peter Peeling

, Copenhagen, Denmark). Hemoglobin mass was calculated from the mean change in %HbCO before and after carbon monoxide rebreathing. All Hb mass measurements were conducted by the same technician. Graded exercise test The running GXT was conducted on a motorized treadmill (h/p/Cosmos Venus 200/100r; h