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Flávia Cavalcante Monteiro Melo, Kátia Kamila Félix de Lima, Ana Paula Knackfuss Freitas Silveira, Kesley Pablo Morais de Azevedo, Isis Kelly dos Santos, Humberto Jefferson de Medeiros, José Carlos Leitão and Maria Irany Knackfuss

respiratory infections. Thus, the results obtained in the Jacobs 12 studies showed that there was an average peak VO 2 elevation of 29.7% and, according to the author, showed that this result could have occurred in part due to the different levels of control of the upper body acquired during training. In

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Kayla E. Boehm and Kevin C. Miller

 km in the Falmouth Road race in August (23.3°C [2.5°C], 70% [16%] humidity). – Race participants were included as subjects if T rec  ≥ 40°C and an EHS diagnosis was documented. Quasi-experimental study. – Subjects ran on a treadmill at 65% VO 2 max in heat (40.0°C, ∼18% humidity) until T rec

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Roberta Gaspar, Natalia Padula, Tatiana B. Freitas, João P.J. de Oliveira and Camila Torriani-Pasin

% increase in test time. 70% increase in MVV). Low Vasiliadis et al 22 N = 8 subjects SCI level: T6-T12 AIS A To evaluate the response of angiogenic molecules in individuals with SCI and without injury during an exercise session performed on a cycle ergometer for upper limbs. 2 d F: NM I: 60% VO 2 max T

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Timothy M. Wohlfert and Kevin C. Miller

%] RH) Subjects completed a 90-min run at 65% VO 2 max on a treadmill in a hot environment (32.4°C [0.9°C]; 46.8% [6.4]% RH) Subjects completed a 46.4-km cycling time trial (∼80 min) at an average power output of ∼280 W in a hot environment (32°C–35°C; 50%–60% RH) RPE b and thermal stress c were

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Laura K. Fewell, Riley Nickols, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Cheri A. Levinson

) was assessed using a medical grade Detecto precision scale and height tool at both treatment admission and discharge by an approved staff. Patients were weighed in light clothing and were not informed of their weight. Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO 2 max) measures the amount of oxygen used during