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Brian T. Gearity, Bettina Callary and Phillip Fulmer

The purpose of this study was to explore former NCAA FBS National Champion football coach Phillip Fulmer’s biography to understand how his knowledge and practices were learned from various sociocultural experiences. The participant, Phillip Fulmer, former head football coach of the University of Tennessee (UT; 1992–2008), participated in multiple sports as a youth, played football at UT, and coached for over 30 years. A qualitative case study design with in-depth interviews was used to understand his experiences and developmental path as he learned to coach. The findings reveal four key developmental stages: athlete, graduate assistant, assistant coach, and head coach. Fulmer’s earliest learning experiences would later guide his coaching beliefs, values, and actions.

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Jennifer M. Medina McKeon, Patrick O. McKeon and Marjorie A. King

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Lawrence W. Judge and David Bellar

The discus throw is a complex track and field event combining linear and angular motion. Success in the discus throw necessitates being strong and explosive; but due to the complexity of the event, throwers must be technically sound. The basic throwing technique employed by all discus throwers is similar, but variations are present due to anthropometrics, physical abilities, training, and error influences. Working with a Paralympic discus thrower, that has a physical disability, is a unique coaching challenge that makes it important to individualize the technical model to meet the physical abilities of the athlete.

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Keith Baar

decrease in patellar tendon cross-sectional area, the tendon did show decreased functional performance ( de Boer et al., 2007 ), suggesting that decreased collagen synthesis is associated with impaired tendon function. This paper presents a case study of a professional basketball player with chronic PT

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Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Erica M. Taylor and T. Gilmour Reeve

physical activity requires different curriculum models to accommodate the numerous career opportunities associated with our discipline. Using the Core Content to Implement a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology: A Case Study From Delaware State University This case study outlines how the Department of Public

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Daniel Birrer

have authored research papers in this area (e.g.,  Birrer et al., 2013 ). At the time of this case study, I was working in a multidisciplinary sport and service center for elite athletes. In this position, I was conducting research, teaching, and practicing counseling in collaboration with sport

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Michelle Moosbrugger

A case study design was implemented to examine how a female coach has sustained her career. A collegiate field hockey coach with over 30 years of experience and two of her former athletes, both of whom returned to serve as assistant coaches, were interviewed. Following evaluation of higher order themes emerging from the data, the manner in which the coach sustained a lengthy coaching career was found to be analogous to a field hockey player performing in the sport. Much like an athlete who has honed her individual skills, surrounded herself with talented teammates, allowed teammates to assist, used variety in implementing skills, and maintained balance in life, the coach has crafted a successful coaching career. Her internal attributes and maintenance of support, the discovery of an inclusive work environment, seeking variety over time, and achieving balance aided her continuity. The experiences of the coach illuminate the importance of creating favorable working conditions and employing coping strategies in order to sustain a lengthy coaching career.

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Jeffrey B. Driban and R. Mark Laursen

Researcher Share your experience and wisdom (e.g., publish CASE studies) Write manuscripts that are accessible to clinicians and include take-home messages about the clinical implications of the findings Attend free-communication sessions and ask questions or offer perspective Share peer-reviewed results

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Lauren Burch, Matthew Zimmerman and Beth Fielding Lloyd

without the filters of traditional media. In this case study, Borges conducted in-depth interviews with personnel at both Benfica TV and PSG TV about this use of media on multiple platforms in direct communication with the clubs’ respective fan bases. As a further examination of how soccer