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Jennifer M. Medina McKeon, Patrick O. McKeon and Marjorie A. King

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Jeffrey B. Driban and R. Mark Laursen

Researcher Share your experience and wisdom (e.g., publish CASE studies) Write manuscripts that are accessible to clinicians and include take-home messages about the clinical implications of the findings Attend free-communication sessions and ask questions or offer perspective Share peer-reviewed results

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Christie Powell, Jody Jensen and Samantha Johnson

lateral hop 12″ × 20 s (LSI = 90%) Case study Level 4 N = 1 Racouillat 38 16 y/female Patellar dislocation (1) SLHD (2) VJ (3) Sprint test (LSI calculated) Case study Level 4 N = 1 Greenberg et al 39 8–15 y mean age: 12.28 y male/female ACLR (1) SLHD (2) SLTHD (3) SLVJ (4) SL lateral hop 12″ × 20 s (LSI

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Mindi Fisher, Ryan Tierney, Anne Russ and Jamie Mansell

• Retrospective, cross-sectional studies • Full-text and in English Exclusion Criteria • Studies that used methods other than graded symptom checklist (GSC), standardized assessment of concussion (SAC), or neurocognitive testing (ImPACT specifically) • Studies published outside of 2007 through the present • Case

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Jennifer M. Medina McKeon and Patrick O. McKeon

and therefore are ranked higher than case studies. In general, research studies that are higher on the hierarchy of clinical evidence have a better SOR grade. 3. The nature of the outcomes of interest: In regard to the SOR, the key delineation for the nature of the outcomes of interest tend to be

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Mary Lynn Manduca and Stephen J. Straub

compared to rehabilitative therapy alone. However, some low-level evidence case studies and case series of varying sizes and participant demographics, as well as a randomized comparison study involving general muscle injury, and a retrospective review involving proximal hamstring injury, have all shown

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Thomas M. Newman, Giampietro L. Vairo and William E. Buckley

measures • Research studies reporting duplicate outcomes data • Pilot or case studies • Animal model experiments Results of Search Thirty-two articles were identified incorporating the related keywords in the defined electronic databases. Most publications did not incorporate an ankle brace intervention or

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Roberta Gaspar, Natalia Padula, Tatiana B. Freitas, João P.J. de Oliveira and Camila Torriani-Pasin

were randomized clinical trials, controlled clinical trials, observational studies, and case studies published by February 2016. Excluded studies were studies, which did not specifically investigate physical exercise and its effects, those that did not use data collected from subjects after SCI, and

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Cameron J. Powden, Matthew C. Hoch and Johanna M. Hoch

that included subjects whose rehabilitation was not for an orthopedic condition, such as spinal cord surgery, cancer treatment, or rheumatoid arthritis. 13 , 14 • Articles that were not published in English. • Articles that were case studies or case reviews. Assessing Quality of Studies Two

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Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Viviane Grassmann, Krystn Orr, Amy C. McPherson, Guy E. Faulkner and F. Virginia Wright

 al. ( 2014 ) Canada Case study; observation 76.2% 24 children and youth b (10 females) 8–19 years ( M age not reported) Mixed (24 with disability) Type: aquatic program Duration: 6 weeks Instructor: coach Setting: aquatic facility N/A Observation: coach–athlete interaction and behavior (state space