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Ken Pitetti, Ruth Ann Miller and E. Michael Loovis

Motor proficiency facilitates major body movements, such as walking, maintaining balance (BAL), coordination, and jumping. Adequate skill levels of motor proficiency/competence affect the general physical activity levels and physical fitness of children and adolescents ( Hands, Larkin, Parker

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Zachary R. Weber, Divya Srinivasan and Julie N. Côté

joint angles was calculated by normalizing the pooled standard deviations of angular measures across different time points to the overall mean angle ( Srinivasan, Rudolfsson, & Mathiassen, 2015 ). Shoulder–elbow coordination was defined by calculations of the continuous relative phase ( Hamill, van

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Tracy Nau, Karen Lee, Ben J. Smith, William Bellew, Lindsey Reece, Peter Gelius, Harry Rutter and Adrian Bauman

levels of PA are an emergent product of the combined impact of multiple policies. At one level, this highlights the importance of understanding an operational whole-of-system approach to tackling physical inactivity, 23 and at another level, it draws attention to questions of policy coordination

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Daniel M. Corcos and Mark L. Latash

. During the next few years, Slobodan worked in the Institute for Working Life associated with the University of Umea on a range of projects. These included effects of acute and chronic pain on motor coordination and effects of practice of multijoint synergies defined and quantified within the framework of

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Kingsley K. Akinroye and Ade F. Adeniyi

. 2018 . . Accessed May 11, 2018. 2. World Health Organisation . WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on the Prevention and Control of NCDs: NCD and Youth .

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Tom Kane

) establishing an architecture for policy development and coordination of information across the federal executive branch, and (3) establishing a framework and governing principles for the collection and use of data by the federal agencies (including the protection of confidential information). Importantly, that

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Mohammad Reza Pourahmadi, Ismail Ebrahimi Takamjani, Shapour Jaberzadeh, Javad Sarrafzadeh, Mohammad Ali Sanjari, Rasool Bagheri and Morteza Taghipour

and placement, kinematic model description, data collection procedures, and outcome measures (ie, ROM, velocity, coordination, etc). This review did not critically analyze the mathematical procedures and algorithms used for maker detection. Search Strategy The methods adopted for this review were

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Janet E. Fulton, David M. Buchner, Susan A. Carlson, Deborah Borbely, Kenneth M. Rose, Ann E. O’Connor, Janelle P. Gunn and Ruth Petersen

, Active People, Healthy Nation SM will promote more extensive coordination and engagement among stakeholders at national, state, and community levels representing a variety of sectors (eg, transportation, business, health care, public health) to maximize efficiency and leverage resources. Consistent with

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Kathryn Mills, Aula Idris, Thu-An Pham, John Porte, Mark Wiggins and Manolya Kavakli

strategies. When injury prevention programs that target lower-limb neuromuscular coordination are implemented optimally, the odds of noncontact ACL injuries can be reduced by 70%. 5 However, poor implementation has resulted in a lack of widespread reduction in ACL injuries. 6 , 7 This is particularly the

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Sergio Jiménez-Rubio, Archit Navandar, Jesús Rivilla-García and Victor Paredes-Hernández

Three sets of soccer-specific agility and coordination drills (with and without a ball in the same action) followed by a return to the initial position walking. 1 min 10 s 5 Three sets of intermittent, adapted high-speed running drills (15 s at velocities > 14 km/h, and 10 s < 14 km/h) in aerobic and