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Eric S. Rawson, Mary P. Miles and D. Enette Larson-Meyer

preservation of lean mass in older adults ingesting HMB during 10 days of bed rest. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids that are consumed in the diet and concentrated in foods such as cold-water fatty fish and fish oils. Fish oil and, in particular

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Graeme L. Close, Craig Sale, Keith Baar and Stephane Bermon

following exercise-induced muscle damage, with the balance of the literature suggesting some degree of benefit (e.g.,  DiLorenzo et al., 2014 ; Marques et al., 2015 ). These supplements should be taken for a minimum of 2 weeks with 5 g/day of fish oil capsules (providing 3,500-mg eicosapentaenoic acid and

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Ronald J. Maughan, Louise M. Burke, Jiri Dvorak, D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Peter Peeling, Stuart M. Phillips, Eric S. Rawson, Neil P. Walsh, Ina Garthe, Hans Geyer, Romain Meeusen, Luc van Loon, Susan M. Shirreffs, Lawrence L. Spriet, Mark Stuart, Alan Vernec, Kevin Currell, Vidya M. Ali, Richard G.M. Budgett, Arne Ljungqvist, Margo Mountjoy, Yannis Pitsiladis, Torbjørn Soligard, Uğur Erdener and Lars Engebretsen

effect of Echinacea on infection incidence or cold symptom severity ( Karsch-Volk et al., 2015 ; Linde et al., 2006 ). Omega-3 PUFAs Found in fish oil. May influence immune function by acting as a fuel, in their role as membrane constituents or by regulating eicosanoid formation (e.g., prostaglandin

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Peter Peeling, Linda M. Castell, Wim Derave, Olivier de Hon and Louise M. Burke

include flavonoids such as quercetin and green tea extract, plus fish oil, each of which may have a beneficial effect on delayed onset muscle soreness ( Ranchordas et al., 2018 ). Consumption of highly colored vegetables/fruit is often advised; this advice is appropriate for elite athletes (previously