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Christie Powell, Jody Jensen and Samantha Johnson

-to-play. Numerous authors agree return-to-sport training protocols and testing criteria incorporating quantitative measures, including functional performance testing, should be used to determine lower-extremity function postinjury. 12 , 26 – 28 However, reports on the application and outcomes of these protocols

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Neil Armstrong

status, they have positive effects on peak V ˙ O 2 . Moreover, the modeled data show that it is maturity status–driven fat-free mass, and not body mass, which is the most powerful morphological influence on the development of peak V ˙ O 2 . Field Performance Tests In his Editor’s Notes in the first

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Nathan Millikan, Dustin R. Grooms, Brett Hoffman and Janet E. Simon

challenge of athletic play. The neurocognitive hops incorporate neurocognitive demand overlaid on the traditional functional performance testing to quantify both physical and cognitive/visual-motor capabilities. Neurocognitive testing has typically only captured deficits in reaction time, processing speed

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Trent Stellingwerff, Ingvill Måkestad Bovim and Jamie Whitfield

Ergogenic Aids to Improve Middle-Distance Running Performance in Trained/Elite Cohorts Reference Sample size Cohort details/study design Supplement and dose Performance test Trial result %Change (negative = faster for supplement) CAFF supplementation O’Rourke et al. ( 2008 ) n  = 15 Well-trained club

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Daniel Birrer

the suicide of a rowing friend. Greg stated in this session that the overtraining had almost been successfully overcome. After this first session with the colleague, Greg had a relapse. After a devastating performance test and the following consultation with a physician, Greg decided to stop training

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Christopher P. Tomczyk, George Shaver and Tamerah N. Hunt

competition. The STAI consists of 2, 20-item questionnaires (S-Anxiety scale and T-Anxiety scale) measure on a 4-point Likert-style scale. Reaction time was measured using a computerized program that measured simple reaction to the appearance of a visual appearance on the screen. A motor performance test was

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Øyvind Skattebo, Thomas Losnegard and Hans Kristian Stadheim

cost, resulted in equal sVO 2 peak (Table  2 ) and equal DP performances in a short performance test, despite the lower VO 2 peak. Hence, as exercise economy and the lactate threshold become increasingly important with prolonged competition duration, 29 these adaptations may be of major importance for

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Thomas M. Newman, Giampietro L. Vairo and William E. Buckley

limitations associated with this CAT, including variability in the types of functional performance test used, especially as it pertains to measures of vertical jump, agility, and balance. Although this may limit the inferences from this specific body of work, it does appropriately reflect the myriad of

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David M. Shaw, Fabrice Merien, Andrea Braakhuis, Daniel Plews, Paul Laursen and Deborah K. Dulson

; Rodger et al., 2017 ) effects reported. This is likely due to differences in methodology, particularly the use of varying forms of ketone supplements and the manipulation of carbohydrate availability before and during the performance test. In addition, the previously mentioned studies were unlikely to be

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Joanne G. Mirtschin, Sara F. Forbes, Louise E. Cato, Ida A. Heikura, Nicki Strobel, Rebecca Hall and Louise M. Burke

carbohydrate intake to cope with heavy training, competition and recovery . Journal of Sports Sciences, 9 , 29 – 52 . doi:10.1080/02640419108729865 10.1080/02640419108729865 Jeacocke , N.A. , & Burke , L.M. ( 2010 ). Methods to standardize dietary intake before performance testing International