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Zhen Zeng, Christoph Centner, Albert Gollhofer and Daniel König

BFR promotes increases in muscle mass and strength to a similar extent as traditional high-load training. 1 – 3 Besides cuff width 4 – 6 and the duration of BFR, 7 cuff pressure intensity is considered to be one of the most important determinants for optimal training adaptations 8 , 9 with both

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Shona L. Halson, Louise M. Burke and Jeni Pearce

, of meals may be associated with gut comfort, although small meals consumed before and during flight are reported to be better tolerated than larger meals ( Armstrong, 2006 ; Loat & Rodes, 1989 ). The pressure and dryness of cabin air increase insensible fluid losses ( Leatherwood & Dragoo, 2013

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Stephen S. Cheung

sport sciences, are we modeling and providing an environment that promotes a healthy work–life balance, ideally coupled with an active lifestyle? For our friends and colleagues who are early career researchers, the academic world has also changed greatly. The pressures of publishing, getting grants, and

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Mustafa Sarkar and Nathan K. Hilton

. Findings revealed that resilient performers had higher self-perceptions of physical endurance but lower perceptions of social support than the other two groups. Moreover, the initially successful performers had higher perceptions of peaking under pressure and coping with adversity than the other groups

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David S. Walsh and Paul M. Wright

communities. Don did not have the pressure to earn tenure and promotion at UIC. He did not need to secure external funding for his research, and he was not pressured to publish data-driven articles, like his peers. He had a light teaching load and the time to develop the work he really cared about, with

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International Olympic Committee Expert Group on Dietary Supplements in Athletes

with Olympic and highly competitive athletes know that the pressures of elite sport and the substantial rewards that follow success provide a high level of motivation to adopt any safe and legal strategy that might promise even the smallest performance gain. Dietary supplements operate in this space

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Brianna J. Stubbs, Pete J. Cox, Tom Kirk, Rhys D. Evans and Kieran Clarke

distress is greatly increased during exercise ( Rehrer, Brouns, et al., 1992 ). Upper GI and systemic symptoms seen with KS drinks may be an effect of salt bolus consumption on fluid homeostasis, where fluid shifts or changes in blood pressure result in headache or nausea ( Farquhar et al., 2005 ). Ketone

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Edgar J. Gallardo and Andrew R. Coggan

blood pressure. This is presumably due to the lower dose of NO 3 − provided (i.e., ∼1 vs. ∼6 mmol), which failed to sustain the initial elevation in NO 2 − . In summary, we have measured the NO 3 − and NO 2 − concentration and hence content of numerous BRJ supplements. Our data reveal marked

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Bård Erlend Solstad, Andreas Ivarsson, Ellen Merethe Haug and Yngvar Ommundsen

who are pressured to harm others, with implications for those who act on the basis of prejudice and the social influences (e.g., parents, communities) that encourage it. Extending this work thus represents a critical agenda” (p. 587). The research above remind us that coaches’ behaviors towards their

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D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Kathleen Woolf and Louise Burke

-to-eat cereal, margarine a,g , meat from sun-exposed agriculture animals h Valid measure: Serum 25(OH)D Deficient <50 nmol/L Insufficient <75 nmol/L Sufficient >75 nmol/L Optimal >40 nmol/L g Unexplained muscle weakness and pain, joint pain, undue pain upon sternum and tibia pressure, bowing of legs g Excess