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Anna Lina Rahlf, Klaus-Michael Braumann and Astrid Zech

control . Int J Sports Phys Ther . 2013 ; 8 ( 4 ): 393 – 406 . PubMed ID: 24175126 24175126 16. Nunes GS , de Noronha M , Cunha HS , Ruschel C , Borges NG Jr . Effect of kinesio taping on jumping and balance in athletes: a crossover randomized controlled trial . J Strength Cond Res

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Chien-Chih Chou, Kuan-Chou Chen, Mei-Yao Huang, Hsin-Yu Tu and Chung-Ju Huang

postintervention, participants were asked to complete the Stroop and determination tests. The sample size was estimated using a meta-analysis that reported a small to moderate positive effect of PA on EFs based on randomized controlled trials (i.e., Hedges’ g  = .24 in de Greeff et al. ( 2018 ); effect size [ES

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Julie A. Fuller, Heidi L. Hammil, Kelly J. Pronschinske and Chris J. Durall

dislocation in adolescents. • The search yielded 2 level II randomized controlled trials 2 , 3 and 1 level III nonrandomized study 1 that directly compared patellar redislocation rate, knee function, and patellofemoral pain between the 2 treatment approaches. • In 2 of the 3 reviewed studies, the authors

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Steven Nagib and Shelley W. Linens

after suffering a concussion caused by sport or a direct blow to the head. • Three studies were included: 1 randomized control trial, 1 exploratory study, and 1 retrospective chart review. • All 3 studies support the use of VRT to treat postconcussion dizziness. • All 3 studies included used Dizziness

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Lauren Anne Lipker, Caitlyn Rae Persinger, Bradley Steven Michalko and Christopher J. Durall

Abbreviations: ACLR, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; BFR, blood flow restriction; CSA, cross-sectional area; F, female; IKDC, International Knee Documentation Committee; M, male; RCT, randomized control trial; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; T1, T1 weighted MRI imaging. Best Evidence The studies

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Erica M. Willadsen, Andrea B. Zahn and Chris J. Durall

determine the most effective training paradigm for reducing noncontact ACL injury risk. • The search generated 2 level 1b randomized control trials (RCTs) and 1 level 2b cohort study. These studies examined the effects of plyometric exercise, balance training, core stabilization training, and neuromuscular

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Erik A. Wikstrom, Sajad Bagherian, Nicole B. Cordero and Kyeongtak Song

was searched for studies of level 2 evidence or higher, which investigated the effect of anterior-to-posterior ankle joint mobilization on patient-reported outcomes in patients with CAI. • Three studies were included: 2 randomized controlled trials 6 , 8 and 1 prospective cohort study. 7 Two studies

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Mary Lynn Manduca and Stephen J. Straub

in the treatment of hamstring injury compared to rehabilitation alone. • Three randomized controlled trials were included. • All studies involved a comparison of PRP injections and rehabilitation to rehabilitation with no active injection. One study used a placebo saline injection in the comparison

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Landon Lempke, Rebecca Wilkinson, Caitlin Murray and Justin Stanek

hamstring stretching with any form of PNF hamstring stretching • Subjects were healthy and participated in some form of regular physical activity • Studies utilized a randomized control trial design Exclusion Criteria • Injured or previously injured population • Comparison of PNF with static stretching of

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Brigid M. Lynch, Suzanne C. Dixon-Suen, Andrea Ramirez Varela, Yi Yang, Dallas R. English, Ding Ding, Paul A. Gardiner and Terry Boyle

Observational studies have consistently demonstrated that physical activity is inversely associated with chronic disease and premature mortality. The causal nature of these associations is not always clear, and evidence from randomized controlled trials (RCTs), widely held as the “gold standard