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Stephan R. Fisher, Justin H. Rigby, Joni A. Mettler, and Kevin W. McCurdy

. PubMed ID: 23626925 doi:10.1515/plm-2012-0032 10.1515/plm-2012-0032 23626925 2. Alves AN , Fernandes KPS , Deana AM , Bussadori SK , Mesquita-Ferrari RA . Effects of low-level laser therapy on skeletal muscle repair: a systematic review . Am J Phys Med Rehabil . 2014 ; 93 ( 12 ): 1073

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Christopher C. Webster, Kathryn M. van Boom, Nur Armino, Kate Larmuth, Timothy D. Noakes, James A. Smith, and Tertius A. Kohn

in heart disease, obesity, and T2D ( Ludwig et al., 2018 ). A few days of consuming the LCHF diet can increase postprandial blood glucose concentrations in healthy individuals and reduce the capacity of skeletal muscle to oxidize a carbohydrate load, suggesting a typical state of poor glucose

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Amy J. Hector and Stuart M. Phillips

accompanying loss of lean body mass (LBM) during caloric restriction that can comprise roughly 25% of the total weight lost ( Weinheimer et al., 2010 ). Lean body mass, a significant proportion of which is skeletal muscle, is critical for good metabolic function (i.e., site of postprandial glucose disposal

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Guan-Bo Chen, Che-Wei Lin, Hung-Ya Huang, Yi-Jhen Wu, Hung-Tzu Su, Shu-Fen Sun, and Sheng-Hui Tuan

Sarcopenia, defined as an age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and a decline in muscle strength and physical performance, is a well-known geriatric syndrome that has gained increasing attention in public health ( Cruz-Jentoft et al., 2010 ). Using the definitions of the Asian Working Group for

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Graeme L. Close, Craig Sale, Keith Baar, and Stephane Bermon

athletes will incur injury during International Athletics Championships. This is important since approximately half of these injuries will result in a time loss and absence from sports, including both training and competing ( Feddermann-Demont et al., 2014 ). Among these injuries, skeletal muscle is the

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Heitor O. Santos, Gederson K. Gomes, Brad J. Schoenfeld, and Erick P. de Oliveira

current evidence as to the effects of whole egg intake on muscle mass, exploring the possible effects of egg yolk compounds that may contribute to skeletal muscle accretion beyond those of egg white alone. We also aim to highlight gaps in the current literature on the topic and help to provide direction

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Petter Fagerberg

immunity ( Hagmar et al., 2008 ; Lancaster et al., 2005 ). Observational studies show that skeletal demineralization and hormonal imbalances are also prevalent among males, for example, male endurance athletes and athletes who strive for leanness ( Dolan et al., 2012 ; Guillaume et al., 2012 ; Hackney

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Pedro Gómez-Carmona, Ismael Fernández-Cuevas, Manuel Sillero-Quintana, Javier Arnaiz-Lastras, and Archit Navandar

thermography has been used as a valid, 7 accurate, 8 and reliable 7 , 9 technique to use on a daily basis to detect skeletal muscle overload and fatigue in athletes. 10 Infrared thermography, a noninvasive and fast technique, applied to the skin temperature provides a detailed temperature map of the human

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Hannah L. Stedge and Kirk Armstrong

Clinical Scenario: Endurance sports require a great deal of physical training to perform well. Endurance training and racing stress the skeletal muscle, resulting in exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD). Athletes attempt to aid their recovery in various ways, one of which is through compression. Dynamic compression consists of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices, such as the NormaTec Recovery System and Recovery Pump. Clinical Question: What are the effects of IPC on the reduction of EIMD in endurance athletes following prolonged exercise? Summary of Key Findings: The current literature was searched to identify the effects of IPC, and 3 studies were selected: 2 randomized controlled trials and 1 randomized cross-over study. Two studies investigated the effect of IPC on delayed onset muscle soreness and plasma creatine kinase in ultramarathoners. The other looked at the impact of IPC on delayed onset muscle soreness in marathoners, ultramarathoners, triathletes, and cyclists. All studies concluded IPC was not an effective means of improving the reduction of EIMD in endurance-trained athletes. Clinical Bottom Line: While IPC may provide short-term relief of delayed onset muscle soreness, this device does not provide continued relief from EIMD. Strength of Recommendation: In accordance with the Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy, the grade of B is recommended based on consistent evidence from 2 high-quality randomized controlled trials and 1 randomized cross-over study.

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Walter Herzog

unexplained residual force enhancement and force depression properties of skeletal muscles (refer to the studies 3 – 5 ). Approximately 20 years after my intuitive rejection of the instability theory, I was in a position to directly test if muscles and individual sarcomeres were indeed unstable; it turned out