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Kathryn Mills, Aula Idris, Thu-An Pham, John Porte, Mark Wiggins and Manolya Kavakli

is that these studies used internally focused feedback, that is, participants focused on their knee position. Benjaminse et al 13 argue that this method of feedback may interfere with the natural coordination of the movement and automaticity of the skill. Virtual reality (VR) may be provide a

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Wei-Yen Li

goes viral. In addition, China has the Chinese E-sports Football League and a developing league, the eSport Basketball Association. I do see an increased eSports presence in the Chinese sport industry. For example, I can see more and more professional teams coming out and new technology such as virtual

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Ian McGinnis, Justin Cobb, Ryan Tierney and Anne Russ

is individualized based upon the patient’s dizziness profile and functional challenges. 1 , 3 , 9 Common exercise types and their modifiers are described by Alsalaheen et al. 3 The development of advanced technology has enabled some clinicians to create virtual-reality environments to immerse their

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Mhairi K. MacLean and Daniel P. Ferris

acted as a virtual spring. The exoskeleton was able to provide assistance during stance and during swing, both in positive work and in negative work. The device did not output a torque or power metric, so it is not possible to determine how each individual user relied on the exoskeleton for negative or

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Joshua I. Newman

plane of consistency or exteriority, regardless of their number of dimensions. (pp. 9–10) More simply, Massumi ( 1992 ) and DeLanda ( 2002 ) have made the case that a “line of flight” is an operator which transforms (territorializes) the actual into the virtual—the liminal gateway from which a think

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Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Viviane Grassmann, Krystn Orr, Amy C. McPherson, Guy E. Faulkner and F. Virginia Wright

). Community inclusion for children and youth with developmental disabilities . Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 18 ( 1 ), 20 – 27 . doi:10.1177/108835760301800104 10.1177/108835760301800104 Glegg , S.M.N. , Tatla , S.K. , & Holsti , L. ( 2014 ). The GestureTek virtual reality

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Natalie M. Golaszewski and John B. Bartholomew

walking to different types of exercise (gym, running, cycling) to various activities (hiking, climbing, dancing). Support for these activities can come from many different sources, including: friends and family, live or virtual groups, online discussions, and even internet or magazine searches. Keep these

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Mohammad Reza Pourahmadi, Ismail Ebrahimi Takamjani, Shapour Jaberzadeh, Javad Sarrafzadeh, Mohammad Ali Sanjari, Rasool Bagheri and Morteza Taghipour

perform STS in a virtual environment that rotated in the pitch and roll directions. 11 Head Angular velocities of the head with respect to the trunk, and trunk with respect to the environment Reduced head and trunk angular velocity were occurred after immersion in the moving visual environment; and there

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Finnish health care. The key components of the project are: • Commitment from directors of hospital districts, towns, the third sector, etc • Strong multisectoral collaboration from health care to cities / third sector / private sector • eLectures and webinars on lifestyle counseling • Virtual lifestyle