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Danielle M. Dobney, Scott G. Thomas, Tim Taha, and Michelle Keightley

, finger tapping, and alternating rapid hand movement have all been used to assess motor function in individuals with concussion. 16 , 17 Grip strength has been shown to be decreased up to 1 month in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury. 17 The consequences of returning an athlete to competition

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Xiangyu Liu, Meiyu Zhou, Chenyun Dai, Wei Chen, and Xinming Ye

research on neurorehabilitation II , Biosystems & Biorobotics (Vol. 15, pp.  153 – 157 ). Cham : Springer International Publishing . 10.1007/978-3-319-46669-9_28 Rahim , M.A. , & Shin , J. ( 2020 ). Hand movement activity-based character input

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Behrouz Abdoli, James Hardy, Javad F. Riyahi, and Alireza Farsi

-consciousness. On the one hand, conscious motor processing refers to athletes consciously controlling the underpinning mechanics of movement (e.g., reflecting upon and thinking through how best to improve the execution of a skill). On the other hand, movement self-consciousness is a less engaged form of conscious

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Soubhagyalaxmi Mohanty, Balaram Pradhan, and Alex Hankey

test was used to access the speed and coordination of hand movement. Two circular discs 20 cm in diameter were placed on a flat-brown surface on a table with their centers 60 cm apart on a table, and a rectangle was placed at their midpoint. Table height was adjusted so that subjects were comfortably

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Marzie Balali, Shahab Parvinpour, and Mohsen Shafizadeh

–external rotation), and torso (three DoFs: flexion–extension, abduction–adduction, and internal–external rotation). The raw data were sampled at 100 Hz in two-hand catching. The catching time was defined from the start of the hand movement to reach the ball until the ball was trapped completely. The raw data were

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Ken Pitetti, Ruth Ann Miller, and E. Michael Loovis

ULC-1, ULC-2, ULC-3, and ULC-5; ULC-5 significantly ( p  < .001) lower than ULC-1, ULC-2, and ULC-3. ULC = upper limb coordination. In summary, ULC subtest consists of activities designed to measure visual tracking with coordinated arm and hand movement ( Bruininks & Bruininks, 2005 ). For both sexes

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Rose M. Angell, Stephen A. Butterfield, Shihfen Tu, E. Michael Loovis, Craig A. Mason, and Christopher J. Nightingale

of the target with the foot opposite the striking arm. In these studies, striking was defined as a single-handed movement, unlike two-handed striking found in baseball and softball. Cultural differences clearly complicate the study of striking. In addition to performer-related variables (age and sex

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Barbara Resnick, Marie Boltz, Elizabeth Galik, Steven Fix, and Shijun Zhu

; Comfortable, easy wear consistent with wearing a wristwatch. The device is visible and older adults with dementia may remove it and lose it; Captures activity driven by hand movement and, thus, may miss some activities if hands are not moving. Thigh-worn devices have the advantage of providing valid

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Guan-Bo Chen, Che-Wei Lin, Hung-Ya Huang, Yi-Jhen Wu, Hung-Tzu Su, Shu-Fen Sun, and Sheng-Hui Tuan

–based rehabilitation. The participant sat or stood 1 m in front of the screen and was supervised by 1 well-trained caregiver: (a) Oculus Rift Headset, (b) Oculus constellation: sensor for headset, (c) leap motion: sensor for hand movement, and (d) handheld device. The software used in VR-REH contained four

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Daniela Corbetta, Rebecca F. Wiener, Sabrina L. Thurman, and Emalie McMahon

, infants could begin integrating the object physical properties into their goal-directed actions and pre-shape their hand movement in anticipation of grasping it. The bulk of the work reviewed above forged the common held assumption that infant reaching developed in two phases corresponding to two distinct