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Diane Benish, Jody Langdon, and Brian Culp

interview data that could not be categorized as part of the novice coaches’ coaching philosophy or as a part of the definitions for autonomy-supportive and controlling coaching behaviors. This theme was the cultivation of team culture. The novice coaches described how they sought to develop a team culture

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Damien Whitburn, Adam Karg, and Paul Turner

with a lack of evaluation limiting evidence-led strategy adoption and therefore limiting the cultivation of positive consumer intentions or outcomes toward organization goals ( Bayle & Madella, 2002 ; Winand et al., 2010 ), so any advances in investigating performance are welcome in this context. In

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Gareth J. Jones, Christine E. Wegner, Kyle S. Bunds, Michael B. Edwards, and Jason N. Bocarro

local skills and knowledge ( Jones, Edwards, Bocarro, Bunds, & Smith, 2017 ). The efficacy of this process is contingent upon the empowerment of local communities, which requires the cultivation of local leaders to communicate goals, mobilize resources, and collectively guide projects in the long term

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Matt R. Huml, Marion E. Hambrick, Mary A. Hums, and Calvin Nite

length of the preseason doesn’t allow for team bonding and cultivation of team chemistry. Even for nonfall sports, coaches believed the lack of time available prior to the fall semester removed potential opportunities to build team cohesion, which is especially important for the incoming first

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Emmanuel Macedo

presented as an enriching part of the European region. The CE knew that peace began with reframing diversity as a strength and that its strength depended on the cultivation of citizens who respect each other and interact. As such, cultural action in the form of programs and policies that helped preserve and

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Lambros Lazuras, Vassilis Barkoukis, Dmitriy Bondarev, Yannis Ntovolis, Konstantin Bochaver, Nikolaos Theodorou, and Kevin Bingham

behavior among referent others, as well as through the cultivation of group harmony and identification. This can be achieved by conveying the message that highlight that reporting doping misconduct is in line with referent others’ expectations (teammates and coaches), and that it also helps preserving and

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Fabian Kautz, Michael Schaffrath, and Alex C. Gang

cultivation of fan relations and the dissemination of exclusive information and offers (Sinner, 2013). Sport organizations can directly involve their users by using social media to distribute content that fans have created. The content produced by users provides convenient opportunities for organizations to

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Joon Ho Lim, Leigh Anne Donovan, Peter Kaufman, and Chiharu Ishida

effort by a person to modify his or her inner states or responses, including actions, thoughts, feelings, and task performances ( Baumeister, Vohs, & Tice, 2007 ). It has been argued that such efforts are core to human functioning and promote individual and cultural growth through the cultivation of

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Dawn E. Trussell

other adult role models (e.g., coaches)—and particularly men. This finding is significant considering the history of sport as a hegemonic institution of social exclusion ( Fink, 2016 ). It may also speak to how important dominant parenting ideologies of “concerted cultivation” (see foundational work by

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Jenna Hussey, Robert Weinberg, and Arash Assar

 al., 2011 ). Drawing on exercises in approaches that target the cultivation of mindfulness (e.g., sitting meditation, body scan, mindful yoga, walking meditation), the MSPE teaches athletes how to apply mindfulness skills to sport through repeated practice and discussion of mindfulness exercises