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Michelle S. Rockwell, Madlyn I. Frisard, Janet W. Rankin, Jennifer S. Zabinsky, Ryan P. Mcmillan, Wen You, Kevin P. Davy, and Matthew W. Hulver

baseline, but none did at pre- or postintervention testing. PTH and 25(OH)D were not correlated. Dietary vitamin D intake, leisure time spent outdoors, and whether or not the participants had experienced a suntan in the past year did not predict 25(OH)D. Strength and Power Tests Squat, deadlift, and

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Jade A.Z. Haycraft, Stephanie Kovalchik, David B. Pyne, and Sam Robertson

, lunge, push-up, chin-up, and single-leg Romanian deadlift), based on coding criteria provided in Woods et al, 20 with all players recorded for movement coding. Four testers coded all AAA videos, with excellent interrater agreement between testers (intraclass correlation coefficient: .82). 21 Match

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Bill Stodart, Maria Cup, and Curtis Kindel

resistance of a physioball. In this position, the hamstrings are in a significantly shortened state. Another exercise, the single-leg Romanian deadlift, was found to have very low EMG activity and was considered a “low-intensity exercise,” yet the hamstrings are in a more lengthened state. 24 However

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Marco Beato, Sergio Maroto-Izquierdo, Anthony N. Turner, and Chris Bishop

strength exercises are employed (eg, bilateral: back squats and trap bar deadlifts; unilateral: rear-foot-elevated split squat, step ups, and single-leg squats). These suggestions are supported by recent empirical research comparing bilateral versus unilateral training interventions in elite academy soccer

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Kevin M. Carroll, Jake R. Bernards, Caleb D. Bazyler, Christopher B. Taber, Charles A. Stuart, Brad H. DeWeese, Kimitake Sato, and Michael H. Stone

 + medicine-ball chest pass Abbreviations: BB, barbell; CG, clean group; CM, countermovement; DB, dumbbell; MTP, midthigh pull; SA, single arm; SG, snatch grip; SLDL, stiff-legged deadlift. Both groups followed a block-periodized program consisting of 3 main phases: strength endurance, maximum strength, and

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Brian J. McMorrow, Massimiliano Ditroilo, and Brendan Egan

resistance training consisted of a general strength maintenance phase, in broad terms as %1-repetition maximum, 85% to 95%; repetitions, 2 to 6; sets, 2 to 6; and rest, 2 to 5 minutes. The program consisted of lower body exercises being front squat, split squat, stiff leg deadlift, Nordic hamstring curl

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Alejandro Pérez-Castilla and Amador García-Ramos

than 0.33 m·s −1 ). Therefore, it is important that future studies explore the effects of different resistance training strategies on the stability of the L–V profiles in athlete populations and in other basic resistance training exercises (eg, prone bench pull, deadlift, etc). Practical Applications

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Kevin McCurdy and John Walker

, Gehlsen G . Electromyographic activity of the hamstrings during performance of the leg curl, stiff-leg deadlift, and back squat movements . J Strength Cond Res . 1999 ; 13 ( 2 ): 168 – 174 . 3. Ono T , Okuwaki T , Fukubayashi T . Differences in activation patterns of knee flexor muscles

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Sara R. Sherman, Clifton J. Holmes, Bjoern Hornikel, Hayley V. MacDonald, Michael V. Fedewa, and Michael R. Esco

, dumbbell; piece, specific interval during the workout; RDL, Romanian deadlift; split, amount of time it would take to complete 500 m; spm, strokes per minute; w/, with. Performance Metrics Two land-based rowing ergometer tests (2000-m time trial and distance covered in 30 min) were included as performance

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Petter Fagerberg

% (from 207 to 239 mg/dl) • REE ↓ ∼1,100 kcal (from ∼2,500 → ∼1,400 kcal) • Resting HR ↓ 26 BPM (from 53 to 27 BPM) • Subjective mood disturbance ↑ 37 points (from 6 to 43 points) • 1RM squat ↓ 29 kg (from 211 to 182 kg) • 1RM bench press ↓ 13.5 kg (from 161 to 145 kg) • 1RM deadlift ↓ 18 kg (from 259 to