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Nick Dobbin, Cari Thorpe, Jamie Highton, and Craig Twist

.1123/ijsnem.2017-0082 28771066 3. Vickery W , Harkness A . Physical, physiological and perceptual match demands of amateur mixed gender touch players . J Sports Sci Med . 2017 ; 16 ( 4 ): 589 – 594 . PubMed ID: 29238261 29238261 4. Oxendale CL , Highton J , Twist C . Energy expenditure

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Cesar Gallo-Salazar, Juan Del Coso, David Sanz-Rivas, and Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez

Previous literature has focused on the match demands of 3-set matches, with studies observing matches lasting up to 3 hours but with a typical average time of 1.5 hours. 2 Moreover, different technologies have been used to record players’ running and activity profiles, with video recordings, 3 , 4 Hawk

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Malachy P. McHugh, Tom Clifford, Will Abbott, Susan Y. Kwiecien, Ian J. Kremenic, Joseph J. DeVita, and Glyn Howatson

which players received PCM versus 83 (11) minutes for control matches. Other match demand metrics did not differ between treatments (PCM vs control: total distance ran = 9414 [2142] m vs 9742 [1365] m; sprint distance = 330 [129] m vs 339 [85] m). Inertial Sensor CMJ Flight Height and Jump Height Flight

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Steven H. Doeven, Michel S. Brink, Barbara C.H. Huijgen, Johan de Jong, and Koen A.P.M. Lemmink

. Critical cutoffs can be determined for the individual player of the influence of HIR and PC on fatigue and general muscle soreness, respectively. Therefore, match load indicators should be monitored constantly and accurately to provide direct feedback about the most important match demands in this

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Jade A.Z. Haycraft, Stephanie Kovalchik, David B. Pyne, and Sam Robertson

older players within the local levels. Second, players within the talent pathway typically had stronger links between their fitness test scores and match activity profiles in the national levels, but not in state levels. Match demands increase as players progressed through the local participation

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Gerard E. McMahon, Lee-Ann Sharp, and Rodney A. Kennedy

– 536 . doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000000443 25010404 22. Duffield R , Murphy A , Snape A , Minett GM , Skein M . Post-match changes in neuromuscular function and the relationship to match demands in amateur rugby league matches . J Sci Med Sport . 2012 ; 15 ( 3 ): 238 – 243 . doi: 10

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Carolina Franco Wilke, Samuel P. Wanner, Eduardo M. Penna, André Maia-Lima, Weslley H.M. Santos, Flávia C. Müller-Ribeiro, Thiago T. Mendes, Rubio S. Bruzzi, Guilherme P. Ramos, Fábio Y. Nakamura, and Rob Duffield

Futsal match demands lead to high physical and physiological strain 1 alongside increased inflammation and muscle damage. 2 To adequately prepare players, preseason training programs involve 8 to 10 sessions per week, 3 creating a condensed weekly schedule whereby appropriate posttraining

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Alasdair Strokosch, Loic Louit, Laurent Seitz, Richard Clarke, and Jonathan D. Hughes

of potentiation can be achieved with the deadlift as a conditioning stimulus and that they can be reproduced across 4 PAP contrast sets with 90 seconds between each. Limitations of the present study include the inability to truly randomize the subjects into separate groups and also the varying match

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Katherine Elizabeth Black, Alistair David Black, and Dane Frances Baker

,227 Swaby et al. ( 2016 ) Not stated 4,872 6,544 Outline This paper will briefly describe the training and match demands of rugby union and will then focus on the macronutrient intakes of rugby union players and how these compare to the nutritional recommendations for team sports. Search Strategy Article

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José Pino-Ortega, Alejandro Hernández-Belmonte, Carlos D. Gómez-Carmona, Alejandro Bastida-Castillo, Javier García-Rubio, and Sergio J. Ibáñez

Australian football . Int J Sports Physiol Perform . 2011 ; 6 ( 3 ): 311 – 321 . PubMed ID: 21911857 doi:10.1123/ijspp.6.3.311 21911857 10.1123/ijspp.6.3.311 43. Waldron M , Twist C , Highton J , Worsfold P , Daniels M . Movement and physiological match demands of elite rugby league using