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Marshall Magnusen, Andrew Gallucci, Stephen Kelly and Josh Brown

This case is a creative illustration of organizational politics in a National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) sports setting. It includes the exploration of several key concepts: political will, political skill, political perceptions, political behavior, and political influence theory. Upon arriving to his new job at the Division I level, an assistant men’s basketball coach finds himself to be a key piece in a political chess match between the highly successful Head Coach of the men’s basketball team and the Athletic Director (AD). The issue at hand is the hiring of the new assistant coach by the AD without the support of the head coach. The hire is an attempt by the AD to subvert and eventually replace the legendary head coach who, in the eyes of the AD, is long past his prime. Accordingly, the new hire encounters a variety of political scenarios, including strong resistance from the players and coaching staff of the men’s basketball team. This case, with the addition of detailed teaching notes, is designed to highlight salient elements of organizational politics to undergraduate and graduate sport management students, and explain how they can successfully apply this information and more effectively operate in the political sports arena.

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Kristina Amrani, Andrew Gallucci and Marshall Magnusen

Interval hitting programs (IHP) exist for many overhead sports. Due to the paucity of tennis IHPs, we determined the need for a data-based approach. This case report describes a pilot approach to an IHP for a 21-year-old female tennis player following rotator cuff surgery. Recorded matches were used to acquire necessary data. We approximated the athlete’s workload by calculating total match volume. The athlete completed a 6-week IHP, progressing toward total match volume, before successfully returning to competition. A sport-specific IHP, based on an individual’s preinjury performance, can play a key role in rehabilitating common musculoskeletal injuries among tennis players.

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Leslie W. Oglesby and Andrew R. Gallucci

An 18-year-old male collegiate American football player with no previous medical history of knee injury suffered an acute left patellofemoral dislocation during preseason practice. Diagnostic imaging and exploratory surgery revealed multiple avulsions of the medial patellofemoral ligament as well as significant lateral patellar tilt and chondromalacia of the left patella. A surgical repair of the ligament was performed as well as a lateral release and debridement of multiple structures. With no rehabilitative protocols available for multiple avulsion repair, a protocol for a single avulsion repair of the medial patellofemoral ligament was used with some exceptions. The patient returned to full-contact American football activities at 5 months postoperation with no reported complications. These findings indicate that a rehabilitation protocol for single avulsion repair may be appropriate for multiple avulsions as well.