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Talita Molinari, Tainara Steffens, Cristian Roncada, Rodrigo Rodrigues and Caroline P. Dias

Eccentric-focused training promotes greater gains in muscle strength compared with other types of training in adults. However, for older adults, these findings are still not well understood. A systematic review and meta-analysis were performed using manuscripts that performed eccentric-focused and conventional resistance training for at least 4 weeks and evaluated maximum muscle strength through tests of maximum repetitions in weight machine exercises (knee extension and leg press exercises). Five studies were included (n = 138). Increases in muscle strength were found in both resistance training groups, without a difference between them through meta-analysis. However, a large effect size has been observed only in eccentric-focused training. The findings suggest that resistance training protocols are similar for improving maximal strength in older adults, despite larger effect sizes for eccentric-focused training.