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David Whitson

This paper seeks to analyze the contribution of sport to a common sense acceptance of the performance principle, and its associated discipline and accountability, as natural and indeed valuable features of social life. It will be our purpose, furthermore, to argue that a conceptual framework incorporating the ideas of “hegemony”, “structure of feeling”, and “dominant, residual, and emergent” cultures, offers significant analytical advantages over frameworks based on more straightforward notions of socialization and social control.

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David Whitson and Donald Macintosh

This paper examines the role that the pursuit of hallmark events and of major league sports franchises has played in the growth strategies of western Canadian cities. Literature on civic boosterism illustrates the vigorous competition that developed among regional elites to establish their own cities as perceived growth centers. These competitions are sharpened today by the contemporary mobility of capital, by media/information networks that focus unprecedented attention on “world-class” events, and by the growth of event-related tourism. The predictions of the benefits from investment in sports and tourism are typically optimistic, and gloss over significant differences of interest between local elites and others who are less likely to benefit.