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Zandrie Hofman, Harm Kuipers, Hans A. Keizer, Erik J. Fransen and Roderique C.J. Servais

This investigation examined the plasma glucose and insulin response in 6 trained athletes after consumption of four commercially available sport feedings 2 hr before as well as immediately after 1 hr of running under common training conditions. Four feedings were compared: Feeding 1, 160 g CHO/400 ml; Feeding 2, 69 g CHO/400 ml; Feeding 3, 69 g CHO + 6 g protein/400 ml; and Feeding 4, solid 69 g CHO + 5 g protein + 4 g fat. Before the training session, there were no differences between the four sport feedings in the area under the glucose and insulin curves and the insulin/glucose ratio. However, after exercise, Feeding 2 resulted in a significantly greater area under the glucose curve compared with Feedings 1, 3, and 4 (respectively, 352 vs. 241, 251, and 182) and a significantly lower insulin/glucose ratio compared with Feeding 1 (respectively, 6.2 vs. 15.8). Therefore, it is concluded that the kind of sport feeding may influence postexercise glucose and insulin responses.