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Nidal M. Shahrour and Hossam Mansour

This research aimed to investigate the Jordanian school students’ attitudes towards Physical Education In Jordanian School, 100 UNRWA schools were recruited from (4) education area in Jordan, 50 students with a total (500) students from 8th -10th grade. Questionnaire was distributed to students the questionnaire with a 5-point Likert-type scale, with 20 items. Mean, SD, & (ANOVA) was utilized to determine the current status of the Attitude for the students, findings showed that the highest score was Item 2, which state that “(PE) is not only beneficial to those who are already in good body conditioning”, The second highest score was Item 16, which said that “During high school years, anybody who is serious about (PE) is not foolish”. The third highest score was Item 11, which the students believed that “Physical exercise is the best way to obtain a youthful looking and agile body.” The fourth highest score was Item 18, in which the students did not believe that “High school would be better without (PE) activities classes.” The fifth highest score was Item 5, in which the students believed that “Physical exercise provides an important relief from the stress of one’s daily life.” Beside of that, the overall mean score for the 20 items was 70.160+3.948 indicating that the students in this study certainly possessed positive ATPEA.

According to the findings of this study the researchers recommend to improve PE experiences and promote positive ATPEA in Jordan school students: (1) Increase students number to involve in motor activities within class and free time (3) Multiple teaching strategies to be applied to meet the needs of diverse learners.