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Orges Lena, Jasemin Todri, Ardita Todri, José Luis Martínez Gil and Maria Gomez Gallego

Context: One of the main reasons why athletes with a high physical condition suffer from low back pain disease is because they often participate in sports that involve disc compression movements during flexion, lifting loads, or torsion movement. Objectives: This study aims to examine the effectiveness of the postural treatment of the Mézières method on elite rhythmic gymnastics athletes with low back pain. Design: Double-blind, randomized, controlled trial. Setting: The sports hall of “Puente Tocinos,” Murcia, Spain. Participants: Ninety gymnastics athletes were randomized into 2 parallel groups (intervention: n = 39; control: n = 51), of whom 98.9% were women (women = 89; man = 1). Intervention: The Mézières method postural therapy was implemented. It lasted about 60 minutes in repeated sessions of 2 to 3 meetings per week by counting in overall 60 sessions during a 24-week period. Main Outcome Measures: Visual analog scale of pain, sit and reach flexibility test, Runtastic (pedometer performance android application), Roland–Morris Questionnaire for the physical disability, and the Health Status Questionnaire were used. Results: The univariate analysis of variance and independent sample t test revealed a significant improvement in the intervention group concerning the visual analog scale pain assessment scale (P < .05, ηp2=.625), and, also, the between-groups effect size was high during the 24 sessions of treatment (d > 0.8) compared with the control one. The same situation persists even for Roland–Morris Questionnaire (P < .05, ηp2=.802), physical score (P < .05, ηp2=.613), mental score (P < .05, ηp2=.736), sit and reach flexibility test (P < .05, ηp2=.666), and Runtastic performance (P < .05, ηp2=.790), where the between-groups effect size was high during the 24 sessions of treatment (d > 0.8). Conclusion: The Mézières method treatment performed on athletes with low back pain has caused positive effects on all the outcomes analyzed compared with the ones of control group.

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Antonio Baena-Extremera, Manuel Gómez-López, Antonio Granero-Gallegos and Maria del Mar Ortiz-Camacho

The purpose of this research study was to determine to what extent the motivational climate perceived by students in Physical Education (PE) classes predicts self-determined motivation, and satisfaction with physical education classes. Questionnaires were administered to 758 high school students aged 13-18 years. We used the Spanish versions of the PE adaptations of instruments: Sport Satisfaction Instrument, Sport Motivation Scale and Learning and Performance Orientations in PE Classes Questionnaire. We conducted a descriptive statistical analysis and correlations with structural equation modeling. The results showed the highest mean values in satisfaction/fun, intrinsic motivation and motivational task-oriented climate. By using a structural equation model, we found a positive association between a task-oriented climate and students’ intrinsic motivation (γ=.69) and their satisfaction in PE classes (β=.56).