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Peter A. English

Exclusive news is a demand of most news organizations, but previous research suggests the pursuit of unique material leads to uniformity of content among competitors. Bourdieu is among those who have argued homogeneity dominates journalism, and aspects of his field theory will be used to analyze the extent to which this occurs in sports journalism. Employing a sample of 6 broadsheet/quality sports sections from Australia, India, and the United Kingdom, this study examines the amounts of exclusive content and the same and similar articles in the sports pages. Thirty-six in-depth interviews with sports journalists from the titles were conducted, along with a content analysis of 4,103 print and online articles. The results show small levels of exclusive material and a tendency for domestic rivals to produce larger amounts of similar stories. This was often in contrast to the views of the sports journalists.

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Bridie Kean, David Fleischman and Peter English

In Australia, student-athletes accounted for approximately 60% of the medals won in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Despite this success, little research has looked into how student-athlete pathway programs are communicated to support student-athletes. Drawing from the contemporary marketing lens of transformative-services research (TSR), this study explored how universities can communicate student-athlete pathway programs as a transformative service with a focus on student-athlete well-being. To achieve the aim, a content analysis of universities’ sport Web pages (N = 38) was conducted. Triangulation of findings with extant literature from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia indicated considerable scope for advancing communication of student-athlete pathway programs focused on well-being underpinned by TSR. Specifically, the theoretical TSR lens provides a foundation for focusing communication on attributes and services associated with well-being established as important in supporting student-athlete programs in higher education, providing novel practical insight to establish a pathway in sport systems of Australia and other countries.