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Phakkanut Mathurapongsakul and Akkradate Siriphorn

Objective: The aim was to compare the use of the four square step test (FSST) and the FSST with foam surface (FSST + foam) scores for discriminating between adults, faller older adults, and nonfaller older adults. Methods: Fifty-four participants (18 for each group) were assessed using the FSST and FSST + foam. The area under the curve (AUC) of receiver operating characteristic curve was calculated and used to compare the accuracy of the tests. Results: The FSST + foam was more accurate than FSST for discriminating between faller and nonfaller older adults (area under the curves were 0.765 and 0.725, respectively) and between nonfaller older adults and adults (area under the curves were 0.99 and 0.95, respectively). The cutoff score for discriminating between faller and nonfaller older adults was 11.21, with a sensitivity and specificity of 0.889 and 0.611, respectively. Conclusion: FSST + foam could be used as an alternative assessment for discriminating between adults, faller, and nonfaller older adults.