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Ro Di Brezzo, Inza L. Fort and George L. Hoyt III

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of training two times per week versus three times per week on strength development in older women. Subjects were 59 women between the ages of 40 and 65 years. Variables measured were body weight, percent fat, girth, flexibility, and strength one-repetition maximums (1RM). Subjects were randomly assigned to one of two training groups: twice a week (2x) or three times a week (3x). Total training volume for the two groups was approximately equal and the training period lasted eight weeks. Pre-to-post results were analyzed within and between groups. Both training protocols were effective for reducing body fat and increasing strength as measured by the 1RM. The 3x group showed greater gains in increasing 1RMs in the Standing Lat Pull, Triceps Extension, and Leg Press. Most girth measurements in both groups did not significantly change, but both groups increased flexibility. In an age when time demands on women are increasing, resistive training two times a week is effective for producing strength gains.