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C. Peter Schokman, Ingrid H.E. Rutishauser and Roger J. Wallace

This study describes pre- and postcompetition mean energy and macronutrient intakes of 40 elite Australian Football players. Carbohydrate intake, expressed both as a percentage of total energy intake (En %) and as grams per kilogram of body mass (g/kg BM), was significantly less (51.7% En and 4.8 g/kg BM, p < . 001) than minimum recommendations for endurance athletes (60% En and 6 g/kg BM). Pregame carbohydrate intake (53.6% En) was significantly greater (p < .01) than postgame (49.7% En). However, expressed as g/kg BM, pre- and postgame macronutrient intakes did not differ significantly. Protein and fat intakes (as g/kg BM) fell within guidelines, whereas energy intake (13.2 MJ/ day or 153.8 kJ/kg BM) was lower than expected. Results suggest that for athletes engaging in endurance team sports where body mass and energy requirements vary considerably, carbohydrate recommendations are more appropriately expressed as g/kg BM rather than En %.