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Sock Miang Teo-Koh and Jeffrey A. McCubbin

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between peak VO2 and the 1-mile walk test (WALK) performance of forty 12–17-year-old males (mean age = 14.13 years) with mental retardation (mean IQ = 50). Test-retest reliability of the WALK was high for WALK times (R = .97), WALK End-HR (R = .88), and WALK HRpeak (R = .92). Test-retest reliability of relative peak VO2 was .90. Partial correlation analysis indicated that when weight and various combinations of variables with weight were held constant, the relationship between WALK time and peak VO2 was strengthened. Multiple regression analysis of WALK performance variables and peak VO2 measures indicated the best model for estimating relative peak VO2: VO2peak = 95.56 − 3.345 (walk time) − 0.174 (WT) and the best model for estimating absolute peak VO2: VO2peak = 2.90 − .176 (walk rime) + .031 (WT). Results indicated the WALK as a reliable field test for the sample tested.

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David Xiaoqian Sun, Gordon Schmidt and Sock Miang Teo-Koh

This is a validation study of the RT3 accelerometer for measuring physical activities of children in simulated free-living conditions. Twenty-five children age 12–14 years completed indoor testing, and 18 of them completed outdoor testing. Activity counts from the RT3 accelerometer estimated activity energy expenditure (AEE) and the Cosmed K4b2 analyzer measured oxygen uptake. Correlations were found between activity counts and metabolic cost (r = .95, p < .001), metabolic cost and RT3 estimated AEE (r = .96, p < .001) in the indoor test, activity counts and RT3 estimated AEE (r = .97, p < .001) in the outdoor test, and activity counts and metabolic cost when all activities were combined (r = .77, p < .001). Results indicate that the RT3 accelerometer might be used to provide acceptable estimates of free-living physical activity in children.