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Stu Ryan and Beverly Yerg

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of feedback given to (a) target student(s) from same sector (close by) and (b) opposite sectors (at a distance) on the off-task behavior of middle school physical education students. The design used in this investigation was a reversal A-B-A-B with two treatments, single case design across subjects. The two treatments (independent variables) were same sector feedback and opposite sector feedback. Data were collected on the dependent variable of off-task behavior and the variables of rate and type of feedback, student and teacher location, and teacher movement. Results indicated consistency in the decline of off-task behavior for all classes when opposite sector (crossgroup) feedback was implemented, which suggests that teacher feedback at a distance can be an effective technique for reducing student off-task behavior. In all but one case, off-task behavior rates reduced markedly at the point when the intervention was introduced. The results also indicated both participating teachers tended to use more skill feedback and less management feedback with their classes when using crossgroup feedback.

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Charlie Song, Jianhua Zhang and Stu Ryan

This study assessed the perceptions and attitudes of university students in Beijing toward the international media’s coverage of the 2008 Olympics and of China during the Games. A total of 1,000 students were randomly surveyed immediately after the Games’ Closing Ceremony. Descriptive analysis of the data indicated that most survey respondents were pleased with the international media’s coverage of the Olympics and of China in general. One-way multivariate analysis of variance and Scheffé’s post hoc test results revealed that the respondents’ attitudes toward the international media’s coverage differed significantly among categories of the classified variables of age, class, academic major, and political preference. The study also found that a large portion of the respondents would be pleased to see the Chinese government permanently adopt a national policy to permit foreign media to report unrestrictedly in China after the Olympics, as the policy was implemented during the Olympics.