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Tom M. McLellan and Doug G. Bell

This study examined whether the prior consumption of coffee (COF) decreased the ergogenic effect of the subsequent ingestion of anhydrous caffeine (CAF). Thirteen subjects performed 6 rides to exhaustion at 80% VO2max 1.5 h after ingesting combinations of COF, decaffeinated coffee (DECOF), CAF, or placebo. The conditions were DECOF + placebo (A), DECOF + CAF (5 mg/kg) (B), COF (1.1 mg/kg caffeine) + CAF (5 mg/kg) (C), COF + CAF (3 mg/kg) (D), COF + CAF (7 mg/kg) (E), and colored water + CAF (5 mg/kg) (F). Times to exhaustion were significantly greater for all trials with CAF versus placebo (trial A). Exercise times (in minutes) were: 21.7 ± 8.1, 29.0 ± 7.4, 27.8 ± 10.8, 25.1 ± 7.9, 26.4 ± 8.0 and 26.8 ± 8.1 for trials A through F, respectively. In conclusion, the prior consumption of COF did not decrease the ergogenic effect of the subsequent ingestion of anhydrous CAF.

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Andrew C. Morris, Ira Jacobs, Tom M. McLellan, Abbey Klugerman, Lawrence C.H. Wang and Jiri Zamecnik

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of ginseng extract ingestion on physiological responses to intense exercise. Subjects performed a control ride (CN) on a cycle ergometer, followed by placebo (PL) and ginseng (GS) treatments. Ginseng was ingested as 8 or 16 mg/kg body weight daily for 7 days prior to trial GS. Venous blood was sampled for FFA, lactate, and glucose analyses. Due to similar findings for both dose groups, the subjects were considered as one group. Lactate, FFA, VO2, VE, and RPE increased significantly from 10 through 40 min. RER increased during the first 10 min of exercise and then remained stable, with no intertrial differences. Glucose did not vary significantly from 0 to 40 min or among treatments. RPE was significantly greater and time to exhaustion was significantly less during trial CN than PL or GS, while PL and GS trials were similar. The data indicated that with 1 week of pretreatment there is no ergogenic effect of ingesting the ginseng saponin extract.