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Adele Pavlidis, Millicent Kennelly and Laura Rodriguez Castro

: Race and representation . Boston, MA : South End Press . Kennelly , M. , Corbett , H. , & Toohey , K. ( 2017 ). Leveraging ambitions and barriers: Glasgow universities and the 2014 Commonwealth Games . Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 35 ( 6 ), 822 – 838 . doi: 10.1108/MIP-05

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Christina A. Geithner, Claire E. Molenaar, Tommy Henriksson, Anncristine Fjellman-Wiklund and Kajsa Gilenstam

& Grondin, 2001 ), the popularity of and cultural supports for a sport, and the sport development system affect the likelihood and magnitude of RAEs ( Lidor, Arnon, Maayan, Gershon, & Côté, 2014 ). Barriers and constraints for women in a “male” sport ( Scraton, Fasting, Pfister, & Bunuel, 1999 ) may also

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Rachel Vaccaro and Ted M. Butryn

prominent barrier collegiate and young elite athletes face when they evaluate their thoughts on seeking help. Sometimes even worse than the feelings toward external stigma are the internalized self-stigmas felt by athletes suffering from mental illnesses ( DeLenardo & Terrion, 2014 ). One key external

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Shelley Lucas

process highlight the inclusion of women in this significant event in cycling history, advocates for women’s cycling point to similar barriers (e.g., entrenched assumptions about men and women cyclists, male-dominated governing structures at national and international levels) that remain today—a topic

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Rachel Allison

, tolerance and respect for others, and self-efficacy, among others ( Camiré et al., 2009 ; Holt, Tamminen, Tink, & Black, 2009 ). This belief often takes somewhat unique form when applied to women, compared to men, part of broader belief in women’s empowerment through sport and transcendence of barriers to

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Jenessa Banwell, Gretchen Kerr and Ashley Stirling

:// Kerr , G. , & Ali , B. ( 2012 ). Perceived barriers to achieving gender equity in Canadian interuniversity sport: Perspectives of athletic directors . Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching, 12 ( 2 ), 1 – 7 . Kerr , G. , & Banwell , J. ( 2016 ). Advancing women in coaching: Shifting from

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Kari Stefansen, Gerd Marie Solstad, Åse Strandbu and Maria Hansen

.e. the practice of building trust and breaking down interpersonal barriers as a precursor to abuse ( Brackenridge & Fasting, 2005 ; Fasting & Brackenridge, 2005 ; Owton & Sparkes, 2017 ). Still, we agree with Johansson et al. ( 2016 ) that there is a need for studying CASRs within broader contexts of meaning

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Udi Carmi and Orr Levental

Israeli athletes were used as ambassadors. It pointed out how professional criteria did not present a barrier even to those who did not meet them. The athletes’ political mission was more important than their achievements in sports events. Toward the end of the first decade of statehood, changes began

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Natalie M. Welch and Robin Hardin

hours? I am still excited”: Female sport management students’ perceptions of barriers toward a future career in sport . Advancing Women in Leadership, 35 , 12 – 21 . Glick , P. , & Fiske , S.T. ( 1996 ). The ambivalent sexism inventory: Differentiating hostile and benevolent sexism . Journal

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Matthew Lamont and Sheranne Fairley

, one common theme revealed by extant studies is a willingness to push one’s individual limits, and specifically, to push through pain barriers despite risking physical injury ( Allen Collinson & Hockey, 2007 ; Atkinson, 2008 ; McCarville, 2007 ). According to Atkinson ( 2008 ), flirting with pain